Metro-Manila-Film-Festival-2015-Road-Closure It's that time of the year again. Christmas time. And with it, the Manila traffic. Then somehow the dudes at the local entertainment industry always decide to do the Metro Manila film festival Parade at this time of the year, specifically today, December 23. Last year's traffic was bad and this year might even be worse. It sucks that they don't really do big announcements for this and just hope that you hear about it. Anyway, here's their path. It starts
Pacman has been around for forever. It was made back in 1980 even before I was born. Everyone who has a basic control over his or her motor functions will know how to play it. Now the questions is: How good are you at it?
There is an anime for everything. Pirates, ninjas, drifting, basketball, tennis, school, ponies, anything. Among that pool of anime, there's a bunch of superhero ones where the protagonist needs to keep getting stronger as the show progresses so he/she can attain his ultimate goal of (insert motivation here). Now One Punch Man is kind of different.
Metal Gear is one of the best game franchises out there. I will always be thankful for what it has done to revolutionize and popularize the stealth/action genre. Some of my greatest gaming memories from before and until recently were from this franchise. From the Psychic mantis fight to the ending of Phantom Pain. What's puzzling though is how series creator Hideo Kojima was treated by Konami after the success of MGS5.
The new Balance of Power patch is coming and with it, new items, hero abilities and a HUGE change to the map. Valve and IceFrog make changes to items and hero stats balancing regularly, but a lot seldom for new items and hero skills and even rarer to see them make changes to the map. In this article I'll be talking about the new items and hero abilities.
The new Dota 2 6.84 patch is here and, oh boy, it is BIG. Since Starladder just wrapped up last weekend, this patch will be the last major one before we go to the International which is the main stage for all Dota 2 tournaments. In this post I’ll be covering the 6.84 new items from the patch.
Here’s something that’s been flying under the radar. Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming new movie, Chappie. The guy behind sci-fi movies like District 9 and Elysium is back with another dystopian future-like movie, but this time about robots and androids!
Walt Disney Animation studios made another movie. And it’s the same guys who made Frozen and Wreck it Ralph so that’s supposed to be a good thing right? Right? But this time Big Hero 6 is about superheroes fighting bad guys.
Christopher Nolan is back on the big screen with a new adventure. After doing the superhero (Dark Knight) trilogy and after messing with our minds (Inception), he has decided to take on the final frontier with a space adventure with Interstellar. Shot in 70mm film, will this be able to capture your space crave?
The Dota 6.82 patch change is here with changes to how the heroes work. These are always welcome since they make the game better and more balanced. Or at least try to.
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