I love dragons. It's one of those things that really fascinates me. Great mythical creatures breathing fire. Some of my favorite past times have dragons involved, whether it be card battling (Magic:The Gathering), reading fantasy books or playing video games. Now, when i'm not dabbling in the mythological world, i like to play modern day shooters. Guys with big guns shooting at guys with bigger guns. Now, what's better than dragons or guns? Dragons with GUNS right? So when i heard about this movie Dragon Wars or D-wars that did just that i thought, "Awesome! This movie's gonna rock!". Giving Dragons guns shooting at other dragons? How could you go wronG? Right??.... Wrong

Dragons + guns = awesome?

Based on a korean legend, this movie is about a good imoogi or giant serpent who's in a race with a bad imoogi to find this "narin" or this girl who has this special innate spirit that they need to eat (along w/ the girl) so they can transform into a dragon. Now, this spirit only shows up every 100 years and they have to wait for this narin to turn 20 before they can eat her. Now, the bad imoogi has a guardian and an army of dragons with guns (think dino riders) and for some reason, the good imoogi only has this pansy dude that has to make sure he delivers the narin to him. That's where this really bad and cheesy love story starts. Now, i don't normally care about the story if its an action movie as long as they give me some dragon on dragon action, but they seems to want to focus more on this crappy love story which results in an overall crappy movie with some amazing moments.

Bad imoogi (far left) runs after Narin (far right)

Overall, i think that this is an "ok" movie. Not something i would recommend to anyone unless you have an hour and a half to burn.
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