Rockstar is a genius! Their marketing campaign is just awesome whether intentional or unintentional! As i mentioned in my previous blog, rockstar has the top government officials advertising their game for them. NOW, they also have game stores doing the same thing. In a store where they sell Manhunt to Mature 18+ folks, they have this sign right next to it....

How do the other games compete with this?? Again, given the affordable price (which the nice government guys were so nice to publish), and then this sign? If I wasn't already playing this game on my PSP right now, it just makes me want to go and pick this up.
Ok, after seeing my colleagues take this exam, i decided to do it as well. So after taking this Tickle career interest exam, it came out as "Engineer". Since high school i always thought i was destined to do something related to computers. But as i got into my engineering course,i realized that this was a better fit for me. Now, i'm doing service operations and project management for P&G.. so go figure, right? But personally i really think its not the information that you learn in college, but more of the training on disciplines and the thinking process. But that's just me.

From tickle ...
Druce, based on your responses, your top career area is Engineering

Careers in this field often demand that you be exceptionally creative, and think "outside of the box." Enjoying an engineering career means having an insatiable curiosity for figuring out how things work. Having an interest in developing your math and spatial skills helps too. Most likely, you're interested in not just taking things apart but putting them back together again.

Here's a recent news story that really cracked me up. Another anti-gaming politician from California by the name of Leland Yee has quoted another awesome line with regards to Rockstar (the same publisher that released the Grand theft auto games), this time targetting Manhunt 2's october 31 .

Quote : "Manhunt 2 retails for US$ 29.99 (the price of the PSP version; the Wii version sells for US$ 39.99) - a tempting offer for minors to buy and play a game loaded with graphic violence

I find this statement freakin' awesome. Why? It's FREE advertisement for the game. It translates to, "KIDS, buy this game the government doesnt want you to play, its so cheap that anyone can afford it. And it comes out on the PSP, PS2 and Wii." Now, i am all for videogame censoring from young kids, BUT, banning a game from coming out isn't the right way to go. The same way you keep telling a kid not to do something, he'll only want to do it even more. It's the same here, parents should explain to their kids what these are all about. But that's just me.
Hello Mr. masked dude

Just to give a background, Manhunt 2 is a videogame coming for some current generation systems like the ps2, psp and wii. It's about a dude who escaped prison and is trying to remember what happened to him. Oh, and he has to waste a few dudes on the way.

Manhunt 2 has been the latest subject of media attention. After being reviewed by the ESRB (organization that rates video games, similar to R-18/PG13 ratings for movies), it was tagged with an AO (Adults only) rating which is a major no-no because #1, Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will not allow these to play in their consoles and #2, major retailers will not carry these in their stores. The developers had to re-cut it and remove the gory parts which brought it down to its M(Mature) rating.
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