My career interest

Ok, after seeing my colleagues take this exam, i decided to do it as well. So after taking this Tickle career interest exam, it came out as "Engineer". Since high school i always thought i was destined to do something related to computers. But as i got into my engineering course,i realized that this was a better fit for me. Now, i'm doing service operations and project management for P&G.. so go figure, right? But personally i really think its not the information that you learn in college, but more of the training on disciplines and the thinking process. But that's just me.

From tickle ...
Druce, based on your responses, your top career area is Engineering

Careers in this field often demand that you be exceptionally creative, and think "outside of the box." Enjoying an engineering career means having an insatiable curiosity for figuring out how things work. Having an interest in developing your math and spatial skills helps too. Most likely, you're interested in not just taking things apart but putting them back together again.

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