I dont care what other people say. If you're a hardcore gamer who loves games, you go and get a playstation 3. Period. I had my eye on the 80GB one for a few months now and I'm just waiting for the $ to go down a little more before I do this. I've had the chance to testdrive this baby last night at JC's place and it did not disappooint. Couple that with a kickass TV and you have digital bliss at your fngertips! Playstation HOME here i come

I am a videogame geek. I also love music. Now, thankfully there's this game called rockband. If you've gone to the video arcades and seen people play dance dance revolution then you'll have an idea of what this game is. It's a combination of acoustic guitars, bass guitars, drums and mic. All these things are happening while you jam on with your buddies.

Now, its a good thing that our garage band here in the office is made up of Sony fanboys who all got Playstation 3s. Now, i plan to purchase my own during the holidays along with my rockband acoustic guitar. JC is going to get the drums, Errol on bass and Jea on vocals. If we dont jam on the same site, we can also do it online. Its gonna be awesome!

I am a big fan of Gamespot's weekly podcast which is the Hotspot and a huge reason is because i am a fan of its senior editor Jeff Gerstmann who is just freakin entertaining to listen to. Now, i just got this news a few minutes ago and i am still reeling from the shock. Jeff, after being employed in gamespot for 10 years, was just fired. The reason isnt quite clear yet but initial reports are saying its over a low score he gave a game from Eidos, who put a lot of money into the site for this game's advertising.

I am really saddened by this news as i wont be able to listen to my favorite podcaster anymore. It was a very disappointing move for gamespot to be able to do something like this. Unless they give a proper explanation over the firing, i will be boycotting their site!

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