Gamespot exec fired over review??

I am a big fan of Gamespot's weekly podcast which is the Hotspot and a huge reason is because i am a fan of its senior editor Jeff Gerstmann who is just freakin entertaining to listen to. Now, i just got this news a few minutes ago and i am still reeling from the shock. Jeff, after being employed in gamespot for 10 years, was just fired. The reason isnt quite clear yet but initial reports are saying its over a low score he gave a game from Eidos, who put a lot of money into the site for this game's advertising.

I am really saddened by this news as i wont be able to listen to my favorite podcaster anymore. It was a very disappointing move for gamespot to be able to do something like this. Unless they give a proper explanation over the firing, i will be boycotting their site!

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