Wakeboarding is a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water behind a boat according to wikipedia.

Sure. That's what it's supposed to be. I would define it as a surface water sport which involves people trying to ride a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water behind a boat. But that's just me.

I was in a lovely little island on the coast of Indonesia called Batam a few weeks back and one of the things I was able to try out was wakeboarding. It was my first time to try it so I was pretty stoked about it. So myself, some buddies of mine and the Indonesian boat dude went with us to this river area about a kilometer from the beach where we were staying at.

This happened a lot

The actual process involves you strapping your feet to a wake board which is smaller than a surf board but bigger than a snow board. Throw on a life vest (optional) then jump in the water so you're in this seated position since your feet float from the boad and your upper torso floats from the life vest. The dude then throws you a rope, and then fires the speedboat's engine.

Feeling the power...
...and finally
Then comes the hard part. Trying to stand up and "surf" or "wakeboard". I kept on falling off the board since i think i wasnt shifting my weight around correctly. But after like 10 minutes of falling off, i was finally able to stand up and wakeboard for about 3-5 seconds before falling off again.

I must admit, it was a pretty fun experience. My arms were pretty much useless after that since I believe I was doing the weight shifting wrong and putting all the stress on my arms. But it was fun. I was kinda bummed out by my last shot though, since it was taken against the sun, so the picture didnt really come out clearly. haha.

I finally gave in to my curiosity and signed up for this online blog site called Plurk. It has a timeline then you can put your statuses or whatever else it is you're doing then people can respond to it. So i can say "What does everyone think about so and so?" then people can start replying. I have no clue as to what's going on right now since there's so much happening in the site.

After a long September of doing Wella Matching and Mapping work, I finally got a long weekend of rest. My family and I went on a 4 day,3 night trip to this lovely resort in Bohol called Amorita which was a cliff side resort overlooking the beach.

Highlight of my trip was when I was walking along the beachside while listening to the Chrono Cross album by Yasunori Mitsuda. I always loved listening to this album but having it while hearing the waves crash on the beach was the best thing ever. I could spend an entire day listening to even just 1 song while lounging about the beach side. I could get used to this.

Each ad that I see telling me about little big planet makes me even more and more interested about this game. Made by newcomers Media Molecule from Uk. This is what they call a "sandbox" game in the sense that they just put in the mechanics and physics then all the rest is up to you. Design your own stage and share it online. Go online to play some other people's designed stages. Play with 3 other friends. Upload your pictures and stick them on the different parts of the stages. I will get this game and go absolutely bananas with it

I like videogames. I don't like Paul W.S. Anderson. If you mix Paul with videogames you get crap. Positive multiplied by negative is still negative. It's a proven fact. For some reason, dudes at hollywood think that this guy knows videogames so they keep giving him the reins to "videogame-to-big-screen" movies. But anything this guy touches turns into crap.

Alien vs predator at the coin-op arcades

Take aliens vs predator. 2 sci-fi dudes from the big screen. Awesome. They were made into a videogame. Cool. Hollywood decides to make a movie. Great. Paul Anderson touches it. Crap. Same thing for Mortal Kombat, Resident evil, DoA, Milla Jovovich. Ok, the last one wasn't a game, but same end result after Paul Anderson.

So anyway, to resident evil. One of the pioneer survival horror games to grace the world. I couldn't go play this game alone in a dark room. The gameplay (for its time) was superb. People in the gaming community hear about this and you'll hear praises. Now, the guys with the big bucks say, "Hey, this is a sure hit if we bring it to the big screen, let's get this dude who did mortal kombat, that's a popular game too right?". The rest is history, ask a non-gamer what resident evil is and they'll just say, "oh, that zombie movie". Totally unacceptable!

But finally, guys at Capcom and Sony realized this as well. So finally! Here's Resident Evil: degeneration. A CG movie starring RE4's Leon Kennedy and RE2's Claire Redfield. I was pissing my pants when I saw the trailer. It looks like they're using the same engine as the RE5 for current gen consoles.

I was browsing through the list of on-demand movies while I was in transit back from Newcastle. After having watched like 6 movies prior, I was running out of movies to watch. It ended up as being a coin-toss between Dodgeball (Vince Vaughn) and Die Hard 3 with a vengeance. I decided to watch dodgeball since it was shorter.

It was about a band of dudes being forced to play dodgeball to win tournament money and pay off their debts and save their gym. Now, it came to a point in the movie where they reached the finals but were disqualified because their players were late, and then... and then they learned that having a 51% judge vote could overturn the ruling. Since there were 3 judges, it meant 2 out of 3.

Scene shows first dude giving a thumbs up. Second judge gives a thumbs down. And the best scene in the movie, third judge shows Chuck "freakin" Norris giving the thumbs up. It was the coolest thing ever and it made me shout "OH YEAH" during the flight. More Chuck Norris goodness here.

I came across this article while getting my daily dose of videogame news. Dude in the video plays the super mario brothers theme with a banana. A banana! Who does that?!

I've been feeling jumpy since last night. Probably it's because I had a kangaroo last night. It's been in my head for the last few hours. I ate at this lovely place called Little Snail. And it served one of the best cooked snails I have ever tasted. I was kinda expecting a different sensation after I ate it but it just feels and tastes like I had some angus beef. But I do feel jumpy... so maybe that's a good sign.

I first saw Chuck Norris while watching Sidekicks back in '92 or '93. I didn't realize what a big pop culture icon he was until NBC got the rights to Walker Texas ranger and Conan o'Brien started showing clip reels in his show. Chuck Norris is one bad@$$! He kicks the crap out of people just because he wants to. I saw these in a website and they show just how freakin' awesome Chuck Norris really is!

Top 100 Facts for Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris does not sleep. He waits.

Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.

Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.

Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris counted to infinity - twice.

Chuck Noris puts the "laughter" in "manslaughter".

Chuck Norris can speak braille.

Chuck Norris was once on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and was the first to spin. The next 29 minutes of the show consisted of everyone standing around awkwardly, waiting for the wheel to stop.

Chuck Norris sleeps with a night light. Not because Chuck Norris is afraid of the dark, but the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris

If Chuck Norris is late, time better slow the f*ck down.

Chuck Norris thought up some of the funniest Chuck Norris facts ever, but he hasn't submitted them to the site because he doesn't believe in any form of submission.

If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris you may be only seconds away from death.

Chuck Norris frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Just never his own.

The chief export of Chuck Norris is pain.

Chuck Norris sold his soul to the devil for his rugged good looks and unparalleled martial arts ability. Shortly after the transaction was finalized, Chuck roundhouse kicked the devil in the face and took his soul back. The devil, who appreciates irony, couldn't stay mad and admitted he should have seen it coming. They now play poker every second Wednesday of the month.

Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

The quickest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris's fist.

Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Chuck Norris can kill 100 percent of whatever the fuck he wants.

Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas.

If you try to introduce your mother to Chuck Norris, she'll introduce you to your biological father.

Chuck Norris, Vin Diesel and Arnold Schwarzenegger have all died and are in Heaven. Each of them hope to occupy the seat next to God. God asks Vin Diesel why he thinks he should have the seat and Vin replies, "I believe... I should have the seat because of the virtuosity in my toughness and pride." Arnie says, "I believe... that I should be the one sitting next to you because of all my achievements." God then turns to Chuck Norris, who replies with, "I believe... you are sitting in my seat."

When Chuck Norris sends in his taxes, he sends blank forms and includes only a picture of himself, crouched and ready to attack. Chuck Norris has not had to pay taxes ever.

Chuck Norris died ten years ago, but the Grim Reaper can't get up the courage to tell him.

Chuck Norris once survived a suicide bombing. He was the bomber.

Chuck Norris does not know where you live, but he knows where you will die.

Chuck Norris can divide by zero.

Chuck Norris is currently in a legal battle with the makers of Bubble Tape. Norris claims "6 Feet of Fun" is actually the trademark for his penis.

Chuck Norris can slam revolving doors.

Little kids enjoy lighting ants on fire with magnifying glasses. Chuck Norris enjoys lighting little kids on fire with ants. Scientists have yet to find out how this feat is achieved.

If it looks like chicken, tastes like chicken, and feels like chicken but Chuck Norris says its beef, then it's f*cking beef.

We all know the magic word is please. As in the sentence, "Please don't kill me." Too bad Chuck Norris doesn't believe in magic.

Chuck Norris once went on Celebrity Jeopardy and answered, "Who is Chuck Norris?" to every question. It was the first and only time in Jeopardy history that a contestant answered every single question right.

At birth, Chuck Norris came out feet first so he could roundhouse kick the doctor in the face. Nobody delivers Chuck Norris but Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris once ate three 72 oz. steaks in one hour. He spent the first 45 minutes having sex with his waitress.

Chuck Norris owns the greatest Poker Face of all-time. It helped him win the 1983 World Series of Poker despite him holding just a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoloy card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

A Handicap parking sign does not signify that this spot is for handicapped people. It is actually in fact a warning, that the spot belongs to Chuck Norris and that you will be handicapped if you park there.

Chuck Norris' sperm can penetrate 13 condoms, the birth control pill, a brick wall, and the 1975 Pittsburgh Steelers offensive line in order to impregnate a woman.

Chuck Norris has to sort his laundry into three loads: darks, whites, and bloodstains.

If at first you don't succeed, you are obviously not Chuck Norris.

Geico saved 15% by switching to Chuck Norris.

If you see Chuck Norris crying he will grant you a wish, if your wish is dying.

Pee Wee Herman got arrested for masturbating in public. The same day, Chuck Norris got an award for masturbating in public.

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Niether does Chuck Norris. He doesn't have to.

Water boils faster when Chuck Norris watches it.

Chuck Norris' cowboy boots are made from real cowboys.

When Chuck Norris exercises, the machine gets stronger.

Chuck Norris is allowed to talk about Fight Club.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself... The only thing fear has to fear is Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris clogs the toilet even when he pisses.

A blind man once stepped on Chuck Norris' shoe. Chuck replied, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Chuck Norris!" The mere mention of his name cured this man blindness. Sadly the first, last, and only thing this man ever saw, was a fatal roundhouse delivered by Chuck Norris.

The most effective form of suicide known to man is to type "Chuck Norris" into Google and hit "I'm Feeling Lucky!".

Chuck Norris never gets brain freeze. Slurpees know when to back the f*ck off.

Chuck Norris got in touch with his feminine side, and promptly got her pregnant.

Chuck Norris refers to himself in fourth person.

Whenever someone is constipated, doctors send them to Chuck Norris so he can scare the shit out of them.

Chuck Norris is not hung like a horse... horses are hung like Chuck Norris

Switzerland isn't really neutral. They just haven't figured out what side Chuck Norris is on yet.

When Chuck Norris was in middle school, his English teacher assigned an essay: "What is Courage?" Chuck Norris received an "A+" for writing only the words "Chuck Norris" and promptly turning in the paper.

Chuck Norris doesn't give Christmas presents. If you live to see Christmas, that is your Christmas present from Chuck.

Chuck Norris ends every relationship with "Its not me, its you".

Chuck Norris was sending an email one day, when he realized that it would be faster to run.

When Chuck Norris laughs too hard while drinking milk, he accidently shits a cow.

One time in an airport a guy accidently called Chuck Norris "Chick Norris". He explained it was an honest mistake and apologized profusely. Chuck accepted his apology and politely signed an autograph. Nine months later, the guy's wife gave birth to a bearded baby. The guy knew exactly what had happened, and blames nobody but himself.

Chuck Norris doesn't understand why you should consult your doctor if your erection lasts for more than 4 hours. His erections have been known to last for up to 15 days.

Chuck Norris has never had an alcohol problem. However, alcohol has had a Chuck Norris problem.

Jesus owns and wears a bracelet that reads, "WWCND?"

In order to survive a nuclear attack, you must remember to stop, drop, and be Chuck Norris.

Similar to a Russian Nesting Doll, if you were to break Chuck Norris open you would find another Chuck Norris inside, only smaller and angrier.

Chuck Norris' dog is trained to pick up his own poop because Chuck Norris will not take shit from anyone.

Oxygen requires Chuck Norris to live.

Chuck Norris doesn't have a bank account. He just tells the bank how much he needs.

Chuck Norris frequently signs up for beginner karate classes, just so he can "accidentally" beat the shit out of little kids.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know when Chuck Norris is going to kill you.

Someone once tried to tell Chuck Norris that roundhouse kicks aren't the best way to kick someone. This has been recorded by historians as the worst mistake anyone has ever made.

The phrase "Made by Chuck Norris" is imprinted beneath the surface of China.

Microsoft has released a new Anti-virus removal tool called Chuck Norris. The tool dares the virus to enter the machine.

Chuck Norris always gets blackjack. Even when he's playing poker.

When the Incredible Hulk gets angry he transforms into Chuck Norris.

When Chuck Norris answers the phone, he just says "Go". This is not permission for you to begin speaking, it is your cue to start running for your life.

Chuck Norris only uses one chopstick.

Chuck Norris does not leave messages. Chuck Norris leaves warnings.

Filming on location for Walker: Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris brought a stillborn baby lamb back to life by giving it a prolonged beard rub. Shortly after the farm animal sprang back to life and a crowd had gathered, Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked the animal, breaking its neck, to remind the crew once more that Chuck giveth, and the good Chuck, he taketh away.

When you open a can of whoop-ass, Chuck Norris jumps out.

Chuck Norris once had a near death experience. Needless to say, Death now refuses to come near him.

People say the truth hurts, but it hurts a hell of a lot more when it comes from Chuck Norris.

If you come home to find Chuck Norris doing your wife, it's probably best to go fetch a glass of water and stand there in case Chuck gets thirsty. There ain't no future in any other course of action.

Chuck Norris can open beer cans with his teeth. He still prefers to use other people's teeth, though.

Chuck Norris uses all seven letters in Scrabble... Every turn.

I just finished playing metal gear solid 4: Guns of the patriots Sunday afternoon after clocking at around 16 hours and my final verdict is this: Play this game. If you love to play good games, go out and pick up a copy of MGS4 and play it. If you don't have a playstation 3, go out and buy one, then pick up a copy of MGS4 and play it. If you don't have enough funds to get a playstation 3, go somewhere that has it and watch people play it. This is simply one of the best games ever made. Solid Snake is back for one last time and he does not disappoint.

Snake is back

Metal gear has always been known for its great gameplay but also for its storytelling. There have been 6 metal gear games before this: 2 on the family computer, 1 for the playstation1, 2 for the playstation2 and 1 for the PSP. Each game has become more and more crazy in terms of storytelling since each game ends with a cliffhanger and each new game just brings up more and more questions instead of answers. This final intstallment of the game does an excellent job of wrapping up the entire storyline and closing all loops. For the first time in 10 years since I was introduced to the franchise, I finally understand what the heck was going on. After the final credits rolled out, there was this sense of closure.

The level of detail in each character model is just incredible

The presentation is superb and totally top notch. The cut-scenes are totally real-time and use the in-game engine to render. This is Hideo Kojima's (director and creator) vision of an interactive movie come true. Some of the "cut-scenes" take as long as 30 minutes to finish, but you never really feel it. The music does an excellent job of complimenting the story. If there are parts where Snake reminsces the past and music from old games come up. It totally nails down that nostalgic feel.

The menus are super easy to navigate. Everything you need is easy to find. Navigating the menus while playing the game feels seamless.

One of the bosses

Masterpiece. Magnifico. There are great games and there are really great games. Hideo Kojima came from the future and brought back this awesome game to us. The controls feel great. After playing all the previous metal gears, they have listened to the people and improved on everything.
The weapons make sense and 'feel' right. There are multiple game mechanics that are really executed properly like the octocamo which is your suit that changes into whatever you're near so as to mask you from enemy eyes. There's this new psyche meter at the top that shows you how stressed your player is, depending on the psyche it affects your chacter's healing and fighting ability. So if you're in a long gun-battle, your player starts to get depressed and the psyche goes down, or sometimes when you're in a foul-smelling area or if the place is too cold or too hot all of these affect your psyche.
2 of the folks here were in previous metal gears

If i could only say one thing about the game, it would be boss battles. The boss battles in this game are just so well-done. The first one came at around close to the 2.5 hour mark and it was freakin' mind blowing. I was pissing my pants and shakin' in my boots while playing the first boss. From the first tranq I released up to the time i shot the boss' face I was in awe.

Could this be the last metal gear solid game?

If you have a playstation 3, buy this game. I'm just resting the disc before i pop it back in and play it again.

E3 is just around the corner. For those who dont know what E3 is, it's called the Electronics Entertainment Expo which is to gaming what Worldbex is to archi/interior design folks. For short, this is THE event where majority of game publishers show off and hype up what they have coming in time for the thanksgiving/fall/holidays.

Anyway, I have been following Sony's lineup for the Playstation 3 this coming E3 and it features some really heavy hitters like Resistance 2 (an alien first person shooter), Little big planet (a create-your-own-level sandbox game), and Killzone 2 (a futuristic first person shooter).

Now, I just saw this morning an article. RUMOR: GoW3 in E3? GOD OF WAR 3!!! It was enough for me to almost piss in my pants. I've yet to finish GoW2 which i plan on doing this weekend along with MGS4. But this is really good news if in fact it's accurate.
Kratos being himself

Speaking of Kratos, it's rumored that he'll make an appearance in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur 4. Which totally makes sense. In any sense, it's going to be a pretty exciting few months ahead.

Killzone 2Resistance : Fall of man 2
Little big planet

Unlike millions of other folks on this planet, I am not actually impressed by Apple's iPod. I can see what it tries to do and kudos to it for being what it is. My lifestyle doesn't really require me to have an iPod. I live near my office so travel time is nearly non-existent, and when I'm home I don't normally do anything that involves earphones. For my multimedia needs I have my PSP and it keeps me company especially when I am in the airport during travel or when I am in the car on long drive outings.

So that's me. I have occasionally had the chance to use an iPod during parties when someone would ask me to change the song playing or when they want me to listen to something in particular.

In-game iPod

Now, fast forward to just last week. I was so excited coz I just my copy of Metal Gear solid 4 for the PS3 (review coming as soon as i finish the game). As I was toying around with the gadgets that the hero Solid Snake had, lo and behold, he has an iPod in his inventory. So anyway, you use the right thumbstick to control the iPod as you would in real life then clicking the right thumbstick would simulate pressing the buttons. There wasn't any tutorial on how to use the iPod so I had a difficult time selecting a song and navigating through the menus.

Solid Snake

But anyway, there you have it, my first real iPod experience, kinda.

A few weeks back I got a chance to play Guitar hero 3 on my friend Penpen's Wii. Now, before that I thought I was decided on getting Rockband but apparently not. I know Guitar hero has been in the market for the longest time but for some reason I never got into the bandwagon... I saw it several times in the SM appliance shops running in the TVs but never actually got to try it or even saw people playing it.

Me nailing that Cliffs of Dover solo

So anyway, I got to play Guitar hero... 1 week later, I got my own copy for the PS3. I was at first pretty torn between getting Guitar hero and rockband. But finally decided on getting GH3 because people were saying that Rockband was easier to play and that you need 4 players or the full band to enjoy it (lead, bass, drums, vocals). For the best single player experience, GH is the way to go.

As the notes move down, you need to press the fret and strum at the same time

The story's pretty straightforward, you're a lead guitarist (or rhythm/bass if there are 2 players) for a band that's starting out so you begin by playing in the garage and eventually earn money to play in bigger stages with more fans. It's not the deepest storyline, but come on, this is a guitar game, not an RPG.

Some GH3 before going to work


The menus are very clean. Everything is straightforward the way I like it. There are options to play in career with the storyline or you can play 2 player co-op. You can also go online and challenge other guitar heroes OR play co-op with them. You navigate by using the guitar as the controller. Fret buttons are the OK and BACK buttons and the strummer is the up/down.

Game gets harder as you play

It's guitar hero. There are 5 fret buttons and a strummer and the game follows a "dance revolution" style where you have to hit the fret and strum it as the note passes through the line. Pretty straightfoward right? Well it sounds easier than it really it. I play the guitar in real life so i had an easier time playing it at first in terms of correct positioning of the hands. But later on I realized that that was just about everything that my real-life guitar skills were good for.

The game has 4 difficulty levels, easy only has you playing with 3 fret buttons, 4 for normal and 5 for hard. The last difficulty level "Expert" really puts your guitar hero skills to the test. I personally havent had the guts to try out Expert yet as I'm just finishing up the Hard level.
and even harder later on...

As for the track list, the game features about 60+ songs. I dont know half of the songs since they're mostly Rock songs from 60's to the present but there are some that I just absolutely love like Welcome to the jungle by Guns and roses, One by Metallica and Black Magic woman by Santana. Same thing as most games today, there are downloadable content available on the Playstation store which you can purchase for about 100php per song, (some are free though).

The hardware

This is a really fun game to play. It unleashes the inner rockstar in people who play it. There was a moment just earlier today while playing hard that my eyes were looking at the notes and my fingers were moving on their own. It was the greatest thing ever, like my eyes were shorted to my fingers and not going through my brain anymore. Awesome. Quite addicting also, it has the power to make me keep saying, "1 last song" every time i finish one which makes me end up playing for 2-3 hours instead of 1.

Frontline is the greatest gift of God to dogs since man. For all dog lovers and owners out there, you know how annoying it is when our doggies get a tick/flea problem. My doggie has semi long hair but there are times when the flea infestation gets really bad. When this happens, i make sure that I spend at least 10 mins a day picking out the fleas and putting them in the flea death pits (can w/ kerosine or gas). Sometimes it just never stops coz they just keep coming and it would torture me to see my doggie looking and acting "matamlay" at times.

I'm ready for more Frontline

Now, luckily I was told about frontline. Which is just a small sache-like container smaller than a mini-eyemoe which I have to apply to my dog's shoulder blades once every few months. Apparently, this will get absorbed by the blood and turn my dog into a huge flea killing machine. All while not having any negative effects on my dog.

Yay! Let's get 'em ticks

And then, after a few months, here comes a new product called Front line PLUS which the lady in the vet sold to me when I went there. PLUS?! Whoa! When i saw this i just HAD to buy it. I mean, it has a PLUS on it. Meaning positive. Like, whatever the old frontline was, this added something better to it. Anyway, I eventually found out that this kills flea EGGS as well. Awesome.

My doggie can sleep soundly at night now

There have been some great cosplayers out there that I have seen but this one takes the cake. It's one of the demons from the Survival-horror game and also a movie - Silent hill. Take a look for yourself.

I love to sing karaoke. I go out with my friends to a karaoke place, go to Timezone, or sometimes I just listen to music on my winamp and sing along. Karaokes would give me goofy scores afterwards and that would be the end of it. That is until I discovered Singstar. Singstar has been an established franchise on the playstation 2 but I just never got on board becuase 1.)it's not available here in Philippines and 2.)when you buy the game, the number of songs on the disc are fixed meaning you can't add new songs. All that was before the playstation 3.

I recently purchased this game just last Sunday due to really good reviews about it and it does NOT disappoint. Singstar is basically a karaoke game where you connect 2 PS3 Microphones into the system's USB slots then go crazy. It shows you the lyrics of the song and the tone in which you're supposed to sing it (represented by a gray bar), and when you do actually start singing, a colored bar shows you how you're doing whether you're in tune or out of tune. This is also the basis of the scoring in the game.

The blue solid bar tells you if you're in tune or out of tune

It's a karaoke game. No plots. Just go and sing.


This is one of the games with better menus. The screen transitions are seamless and very straightforward. There is enough help in the help menu to let you know what you're doing. The interface is clean in that all options are relevant and there are no useless links that lead you nowhere. It's pretty easy to use noting that this game is targetting very casual gamers.

The mic was not responsive at first meaning the voice was being registered late in the screen resulting in notes not being hit properly and scores being sub-par. This was fixed via a software update though and I was able to recalibrate the mics to sync with the video.

Since this is a party game, there are several modes that you can play including battle singing, battle duets, medley (where it plays lines from random songs), and a whole lot of other options. I had a blast playing this with my sisters and their friends when they came over last Sunday.

My singstar online to upload my videos for people to rate

Now, since I have an Eyetoy camera from my PS2 which works with this as well, I can enable an option where I can see myself and whoever I'm singing with on the screen instead of the music video. I can also choose the option wherein i watch the music video and the camera takes 20-30 second clips during parts of the song which i can save on my harddrive and watch again later on. This links perfectly with the online community that this game has where you have a profile and you can put up your videos for other people to watch and they can rate your videos from 1-5 stars.
From the same guys that brought me Eyetoy comes Singstar

The game ships with 30 songs built in which kinda sucks at first... BUT... here comes the power of the PS3's online capability. You can actually download new songs from the Singstore for $1.49 a song. This includes the song as well as the music video. That's roughly P80 per song which is really worth it in my point of view since I never have to buy the game again and I can just add songs from the Singstore. Now, don't forget people, Sony owns Song BMG records as well as a ton of other independent music companies. So that's what you can expect their song catalog to comprise of. The singstore currently has around 200+ songs but they promise to add around 50 each week.
The hardware

One of the best party games I have played so far. Sometimes after the party I find myself sitting alone in my living room playing this over Grand theft auto and Guitar hero... sometimes. I have yet to try out the other game modes and the online community sharing. Heck, I've only had this for roughly 2 days. Can't wait to play it some more.

Up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A.. Unless you were born in the last 5 years, you will have heard of this in some way or form. This is the infamous Konami code that's used for several games and gives you instant power-ups. Gradius for the Family computer was the first game to implement this. It instantly gave the player all of the powerups. Old school.

Thanks to the magic of video game emulators. I am able to bring to life classic games. I recently also decided to spend about 15 minutes everyday playing retro games which i never got a chance to finish before as a kid. Gradius is the most recent one I've played and completed.

Pretty straightforward. The game doesn't really tell you why you're doing it, but you're a lone soldier piloting a space craft blowing up alien creatures. There's a boss at the end of each level. You get powerups by either getting rid of a squad of enemies or by killing the red aliens (ranked soldiers?)

Boss battles

The in-game graphics are pretty good. The game powerup options are well placed in that you can easily tell what status your ship has at all times. There are a lot of enemies on the
screen at times and there's a good level of detail in the background which makes you feel like you're really in space.


Controls are very responsive. you can get as many speed up powerups as you want which makes the game extra crazy. Sometimes the amount of projectiles on screen is near-impossible to dodge and will need 100% concentration to do so. The game takes you through 7 stages with a boss battle at the end of each level. Then goes back to stage 1 after with more difficult enemies.

Are you kidding me?

For its time this was one of the premier titles on the NES. Fast forward 20 years and I still enjoyed playing this game. The simplicity of what it does is just excellent. After you complete this game there's really not much to go back to unless you want to perfect your stats and not die. Mindless fun.

I love wednesdays. I find reasons to do so even when there's none. Even when crazy stuff happens at work (like some dude, by accident, erasing all user profiles in our finance system which meant noone could log on) a crisis i had to manage. One of the major reasons why I love wednesdays is because 2 of my favorite podcasts come out on this date. I always look forward to listening to them on my way home or while I'm driving. They're the GiantBombcast, the podcast that's hosted by Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis (former gamespot editors). they just talk about games during the podcast. The other podcast is the Hotspot by gamespot editors.

This wednesday started pretty well as I got an SMS saying that my grand theft auto 4 preorder is already ready for pickup later in the day. It went on when there was a peculiar box resting on my desk when i arrived at the office. Apparently I had won a raffle at a company event the day before and there sat an HP D2460 printer. Just when I was just planning on buying a new one since the one we have at home is almost 10 years old already.

I'm also pretty excited coz Tor Thorsen (one of my favorite podcast members) is now hosting the Hotspot, which meant that he'll be a regular already. The day ended with a bang as I got to pick up GTA4 as well as watch Speed Racer with a good friend of mine. Overall, this was a great wednesday.

Dog week for me. Everything seems to have something to do with dogs. Hmm.. took this test and it came up with me being a Yorkshire terrier. odd. I wonder if this is how Lucky views me.

Druce, you're a Yorkshire Terrier!

No bones about it, you're a social, bustling Yorkshire Terrier. Active and enthusiastic, Yorkies like you have a ton of energy — which means you're probably always running around like a mad dog. You're never without a project to work on, an errand to run, or a party to catch. (Where do you find the time?) You're a chatty little pup, too — talking is one of your favorite pastimes. That's why all your friends and acquaintances see you as their own personal Entertainment Tonight and rely on you for the latest gossip and social bulletins. You always liven up a dinner party or cocktail gathering, and people simply adore your affectionate nature and get-up-and-go eagerness. Woof!


I've been a big fan of the site howstuffworks.com for the longest time but sadly I havent had the chance to go and visit it for months now. This site enables me to learn something new about random stuff every so often so I've decided to start this HSW (how stuff works) blog where I'll post interesting stuff I learn. This will also enable me to review what I just read and make sure I understood it properly. See? Everyone wins.

So for this article, it was because I have been wondering for a long time whether or not my dog understands what I say to him. I actually learned that dogs have a mental capacity of a 3 year old kid. Which means that they can understand what you tell them and in a small way, they can relate stuff that you say like when you give it a ball and keep saying ball, eventually, they'll understand what ball. Of course this would take patience and would depend on the type of obedience your dog has.

Can you find my doggie?

The article goes on to say that there was this dog named Rico who had a huge vocabulary and they tested it by putting objects in a separate room and then telling it what to get. Rico would bring back the correct object more than half of the time. They also tried putting something new wasn't in his vocabulary and he would get the right object 70% of the time. This just proves that dogs have some sort of mental capacity to do elimination.

Well? *taps paw*

It also mentions that dogs can sense your mood via the tone of your voice. Which explains why they sometimes will be extra cuddly when you're in a bad mood or will suddenly become excited when you sound excited. I love dogs!

Grand theft auto 4 came out just yesterday and I can't wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy! Several sites already gave it a perfect 10.

But while i'm waiting for that, the controversies for GTA4 have already started. One example of which, since other places usually start selling this at midnight, people queue up at late night and apparently someone was stabbed near the place and of course it was attributed to GTA4, althought the dude was discharged later on after treatment. In another place, an 18 year old kid who was walking home with his friends after buying a copy of GTA4 was mugged and beaten by some other kids as they took away his copy of the game. All I can say about these news is this, "THE GAME JUST CAME OUT! PEOPLE HAVE NOT PLAYED IT YET SO YOU CAN'T BLAME THE GAME FOR THESE CRIMES!"

Regardless, this is pretty awesome game which I will wait patiently for no matter what anyone else says. I will enjoy my last days of sunlight because I will miss what the sun looks like after I get this game

Ironman's showing today. The little boy inside of me is pretty excited as heck since I have been a really big Ironman fan since the first time I played Captain America and the avengers on the coin-op arcades before. The other part of me is trying hard to lower my expectations so I don't
get disappointed especially after watching the disappointing trailer.

My first taste of Ironman on the arcades

Regardless, I'll pay my good money to go and watch Ironman with the thought of "this is going to suck" at the back of my head. Then I'll walk out and say, "I was right"... I would LOVE to be wrong about this though. -sigh-

One of the biggest gaming events of the year is almost here. On tuesday Take-2 will release Grand theft auto 4, the latest game in the GTA series. Everyone who knows anything about games and has a PS3 or Xbot is pretty excited about this in some way, shape or form. It's in the lips of the children and everyone's talking about it!

I have my pre-orders in already and I expect to get this by early May; then I will say goodbye to my social life. What's interesting is that apart from being excited about the game, I am also pretty excited about how non-gamers will be receiving this game and making funny comments about it. Dubbed "car-jacking simulator" or "murder simulator" before, it's going to be pretty entertaining either way!

I was looking through the net for an animated clock gif for a presentation I'm making for our Site event and I just happen to stumble on this site. It's a simple timer but done in a way I have never seen before. It's just insanely mezmerizing. Just check out the site and see what I'm talking about


Companies put out TV commercials in between shows to let you know some basic stuff about their product like:
  • what the product is all about, and;
  • why you would buy it, and probably
  • price

Having said this, advertisers normally need to squeeze all that creative juice to come up with something that will stick in people's heads. I just can't help noticing that there are some dumb commercials out there.

Imagine the commercial starting with a zoomed image of 2 kids shouting into the wind and laughing at the same time. Picture zooms out, you see that the kids are shouting into an electric fan blowing into their faces, moving along with the fan while it oscillates. This goes on for about 10 seconds, then the killer tag line comes out...

"Sanyo Electric fan -- Anti-boredom"

Lame. But then again, it made an impression. Not enough for me to go out and buy it to stave off boredom though. Not really sure what they wanted to achieve with this.

I just bought this game earlier today at Datablitz Powerplant and it is everything that I expected it to be so far. Burnout is a racing game that has been known for its over the top visuals, insane crashes, and most of all, uncomfortably fast driving. Their newest iteration on the Playstation 3 is no different.

I'll play some more of this before i write my review of it. I have only have a handful of in-game goals achieved. Right now, it's downloading the updates to patch some release issues so I have time to write this. After this, I'll try out the online option where I can go up against other burnout players.

When i saw the teaser trailer for Ironman a few months back, i was freakin' STOKED. Being an Iron man fan since the early 90's, it's really exciting to know that they're coming up w/ a live action movie of one of my childhood heroes. The teaser was pretty promising in such that it stays pretty true to the comic book.

Now here comes the trailer for ironman. It was absolutely horrible. It shows me what may be the final scene in the movie. The tin can iron man versus the red and yellow iron man. It shows that the enemy for some reason got the plans for tony's suit and created on of his own. IF this was going to be the final battle then its pretty much going to suck. I STRONGLY hope that this is just the midboss and the final boss would be someone like FinFangFoom or the Mandarin, or maybe even the crimson dynamo! But that's just wishful thinking for me, let's see where this movie takes Tony.

Just watch the trailer and you decide
Just picked up this article from Joystiq.com. It says here that Metal gear solid 4's producer, the great Hideo Kojima had to take out a few features from the final version of the game so that it could fit the PS3's blu-ray disk. For folks who are not aware of the format, blu-ray boasts a whoppin 50GB storage already. This means that the game's going to be freakin big and there's going to be at least 2 hours of in-game videos. This also means that nonPS3 owners can say goodbye to ever seeing this going to their systems.

49GBs and counting

This shop caught my attention when i went to Metro walk the other day. It's near the back of the area. No malice intended. I just found it entertaining.

Now that I'm talking bout the shop, i might as well give a little review. The doggies here were mostly female and are from champion breeds. I think that they're a bit overpriced though. 20k for a female beagle is a bit too much for me. I guess it must be coz they're champions... or something. It also sells doggie shampoos and other stuff. Nothing cat-related though. odd.

It's almost official. HDDVD is dead. The people's dollars have spoken and everyone prefers Blu-ray over HDDVD to suit their high def needs. The High def format wars started neck to neck but as the months passed, more and more studios started going to blu-ray, the latest one being Warner. Although majority of the population could care less since most people still buy DVDs, but for those who are interested, here are the specs for all 3 formats.

Feature DVD HD DVD Blu-ray
Maximum native resolutions supported via HDMI EDTV (480p) HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p) HDTV (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
Maximum image-constrained native resolutions supported via component video1 EDTV (480p) EDTV+ (960x540) EDTV+ (960x540)
Disc capacity 4.7GB (single layer)
8.5GB (dual layer)
15GB (single layer)
30GB (dual layer)
51GB (prototype triple layer)
25GB (single layer)
50GB (dual layer)
100GB (prototype quad layer)
Video capacity (per dual-layer disc)2 SD: approximately 3 hours
HD: n/a
SD: approximately 13 hours
HD: 5.1 or 3.3 hours, depending on encoding method
SD: approximately 23 hours
HD: 8.5 or 5.6 hours, depending on encoding method
Audio soundtracks3 Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES Uncompressed linear PCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution, Dolby Digital, DTS Uncompressed linear PCM, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution, Dolby Digital, DTS
Manufacturer support (home theater)4 All Toshiba, LG, Thomson/RCA, Onkyo, Samsung Hitachi, Mitsubishi, LG, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Thomson/RCA
Manufacturer support (PC storage)4 All Microsoft, Intel, HP, NEC, Toshiba Apple, Dell, BenQ, HP, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, TDK
Studio support4 All Paramount, Studio Canal, Universal, Warner (until end of May 2008), the Weinstein Company, DreamWorks Animation Sony Pictures (including MGM/Columbia TriStar), Disney (including Touchstone, Miramax), Fox, Warner, Lions Gate
Compatible video game consoles PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Xbox 360 Xbox 360 (via external HD DVD accessory, sold separately) PlayStation 3
Player prices $99 and less $130 (Xbox 360 accessory); $150 and more (stand-alone players); $999 for combo player $399 (PlayStation 3); $499 and more (stand-alone players); $999 for combo player
Movie prices $6 and more (retail) $20 to $28 (retail) $20 to $28 (retail)
Number of titles available at the end of 2007 50,000-plus about 330 about 360
Players are backward compatible with existing DVD videos Yes Yes Yes
Set-top recorders available now Yes No No
"Managed copy" option5 No Yes Yes
Copy protection/digital rights management6 Macrovision, CSS AACS, ICT AACS, ICT, BD+, BD-ROM Mark
Region-coded discs and players7 Yes No (currently; could change in future) Yes


I consider myself a person with a high level of patience. I don't get mad when the counter im ordering food from gives me a wrong order, i dont shout when the service takes forever at a particular restaurant, i dont go postal when someone cuts my lane or gives me a rude gesture while driving. See? I'm patient right?

Now, here come the call center folks.

I recently had to go through these people for various reasons and before calling them, of course, i had my basic expectations with me being the customer.
1. Let me complete what i needed to do in the shortest amount of time
2. Answer my questions
3. Give me good customer service

I call up PLDT, voice prompt, cool. At least the voice talks fast. I make the necessary options then it forwards me to an operator. It takes less than 20 seconds for the operator to answer. So far so good. I give my query, she asks for my phone line. Can't process my request coz system's down. I call again after 30 mins as instructed. System's down. I call after 2 hours. They get my request and its forwarded to the contractor. Call done. Time taken: almost 3 hours... 3 days pass. No PLDT. I call them up to followup. Canned answer, "Sir, we'll followup with the contractor". Another day passes. I call, same answer. Repeat and recycle for 2 more days.

Ok, so far my issue has been non-call center related as its the external factors that are causing this. But they are the call center FOR the company and when i ask for an explanation, basic expectation is they answer me properly as they are answering on behalf of the company. In the umpth times that i call them it really gets to me when the call center agents are giving me attitude. "Sir, hindi naman namin fault na down", "Sir, hindi namin alam kng bakit nagdown un system", "Sir, kasi ganito, kasi ganyan.".

If i wanted to hear excuses instead of results and action plans i would rather have done something else. To be fair, some agents are quite good in handling calls and a big majority of them have been guys.

I have similar experiences with Globe and BPI. I have never had this experience with Destiny cable though, since they NEVER answer the phone anyway. My average waiting time is at 8 minutes, wherein i get disconnected or i just hang up. Unbelievable.

On a final note, Kudos to SMART and Home cable for giving me great customer service.

How may i help you sir?

I had a chance to download this demo from the Playstation network just yesterday. Played it, and it was I-N-S-A-N-E! The graphics were pretty, the sound was crisp clear, and just to share, my current TV has mono sound and is not in HD... yet. It also makes use of my existing Eyetoy camera to take my picture for my driver's license. Can't wait to play this on a real setup.

zoom zoom

I am now in HK for some personal stuff with a little work also. 1 thing that I always notice when i come here is that there are no fat people. You would think that in a country that serves food smothered with oil which people eat 3 times a day, it would be loaded with overweight individuals... but surprisingly it doesnt. Here are some observations that i have:

4. Genetics
HK people could just have really strong genes which causes them to break down fat in an insanely fast rate

3. Tea
People drink hot tea in all of their meals. This could be the reason why the oil gets flushed out and doesnt clog in their system

2. Sugar
Little to no Sodas. People drink soup or tea. No sodas = zero sugar which never gets converted to fat. I dont care how much light sodas have no sugar, if you drink this you WILL get fat... and nutrasweet kills your brain cells which is uncool

1. Exercise
Everyone walks. Over short and long distances, people walk. The only time people use transportation is if it rains or if the distance is insanely far. Else, people walk. That's free exercise.

Just my 2 cents. I think I'll stop drinking soda and iced tea for a month and see what happens. I'll be too busy playing my ps3 anyway to drink soda. haha

I started an article last week on my top 10 reasons why I got my playstation 3. I didn't get a chance to finish the article this week due to the acoustikahan event and the lovely consol issue at work, but here are the last 2.

2. Exclusives
Sony exclusives out of the box. Exclusives mean that these ain't coming out anywhere else. Sony makes some of the greatest games and also has really strong support from third party publishers. Exclusives like Tekken, Uncharted, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Heavenly sword, Resistance, Metal gear solid, and Unreal Tournament 3 (the last 2 being timed exclusives) just to name a FEW.

and #1.....

1. Games
Why do you buy a videogame console? To play the damn games! This powerhouse machine does all of the 9 i just mentioned plus play games.This piece of hardware will definitely keep me entertained for countless hours. I am counting down the days when I will get ahold of my PS3 (as of writing its 10).

I have not outgrown my love for video games and I probably won't in the near future. Let's get it on!

Yesterday, I started my top 10 on why I chose Playstation. It contained Reasons 6-10. Here are the next 3.

5. Format
For those who arent familiar with what blu-ray is, it's a 25GB disk single layer (50GB dual layer). Dvd is 4.7GB single layer and 8.5GB dual layer. Both the XBOT and Wii use DVD formats for their games. With 10 times more storage than its predecessor, this means longer games, more content, better uncompressed FMVs, less compression=faster load times. Some studios have also found cool things to include, like the recent John Woo game, Stranglehold, that includes the movie "Hard Boiled" which inspired the game itself.
Inspector Tequilla's (Chow Yun Fat) digital character from his 80's movie "Hard Boiled"

4. Blu-ray player
The next generation video format wars between blu-ray and HDDVD is a reminicent of the Betamax vs VHS format wars that happened the last decade, with VHS coming out on top. (Last gen it was Sony's Betamax vs everyone else's VHS). I'm sure a lot of people out there don't really care and I don't blame them since the DVD still satisfies their digital needs. Just to give perspective, the playstation 3 which costs $400-500 doubles as a blu-ray player compared to other standard blu-ray players in the market which retails for around $600 at least. With the way blu-ray movies are pounding HDDVD in terms of sales, we'll only have 1 format after a couple of years.
Format wars

3. Long term
If I buy something this pricey, I make sure it will be with me for a long time (Current gadgets: Nokia 6600 - 4 yrs, PS2 - 6 yrs, PSP - 2 yrs). Sony has a reputation of not abandoning support of its hardware even after the hype for it ends. Chrono cross (one of the games that got a perfect 10) came out 6th year of the PS1's life. God of war 2 (runner-up to multiple 2007 game of the year awards and sequel to one of the greatest ps2 games of the same name came out on the 7th year of the PS2's life). The console's use of the blu-ray format also ensures that this console is built to last.

8 down and 2 to go. I'm sure a lot of folks know what the last 2 are...

Probably the BEST game of its time, Chrono cross came out on the Playstation 1 during august or september of 2000. I was in one of the gaming shops playing magic when I saw this title on the shelf. Having played Chrono trigger on the SNES before, i knew that this had to be good.

How much is that Chrono cross on the window

Since I got my Playstation 1 right about the same time this came out, it became the first and only RPG that i played on this console. (Yes, that's right, I didn't get to play FF7). Let me say that it did NOT disappoint. Excellent gameplay, graphics were top notch, the cutscenes were really clean, the music was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the same dude who did Chrono trigger's music. Now, the music here is worth mentioning since it is one of the game's strong points, i have attached a sample track and you tell me if its good or not.

The amount of time i spent completing this was 60 hours++ i think.

OK. Here's the best part of all of this. The PSP has this feature where it can play PS1 games. And i so happen to have a PSP and this PS1 game. So after 2 days of tweaking to get the correct settings (this game apparently has some glitches when being played on the PSP BUT i have fixed them already thanks to the great world wide web). It is done. I have put this game on my PSP and I AM PLAYING IT! Something to keep me busy while i wait for my PS3 to arrive.

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