Chrono Cross lives again!!

Probably the BEST game of its time, Chrono cross came out on the Playstation 1 during august or september of 2000. I was in one of the gaming shops playing magic when I saw this title on the shelf. Having played Chrono trigger on the SNES before, i knew that this had to be good.

How much is that Chrono cross on the window

Since I got my Playstation 1 right about the same time this came out, it became the first and only RPG that i played on this console. (Yes, that's right, I didn't get to play FF7). Let me say that it did NOT disappoint. Excellent gameplay, graphics were top notch, the cutscenes were really clean, the music was composed by Yasunori Mitsuda, the same dude who did Chrono trigger's music. Now, the music here is worth mentioning since it is one of the game's strong points, i have attached a sample track and you tell me if its good or not.

The amount of time i spent completing this was 60 hours++ i think.

OK. Here's the best part of all of this. The PSP has this feature where it can play PS1 games. And i so happen to have a PSP and this PS1 game. So after 2 days of tweaking to get the correct settings (this game apparently has some glitches when being played on the PSP BUT i have fixed them already thanks to the great world wide web). It is done. I have put this game on my PSP and I AM PLAYING IT! Something to keep me busy while i wait for my PS3 to arrive.

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