No fat people here?

I am now in HK for some personal stuff with a little work also. 1 thing that I always notice when i come here is that there are no fat people. You would think that in a country that serves food smothered with oil which people eat 3 times a day, it would be loaded with overweight individuals... but surprisingly it doesnt. Here are some observations that i have:

4. Genetics
HK people could just have really strong genes which causes them to break down fat in an insanely fast rate

3. Tea
People drink hot tea in all of their meals. This could be the reason why the oil gets flushed out and doesnt clog in their system

2. Sugar
Little to no Sodas. People drink soup or tea. No sodas = zero sugar which never gets converted to fat. I dont care how much light sodas have no sugar, if you drink this you WILL get fat... and nutrasweet kills your brain cells which is uncool

1. Exercise
Everyone walks. Over short and long distances, people walk. The only time people use transportation is if it rains or if the distance is insanely far. Else, people walk. That's free exercise.

Just my 2 cents. I think I'll stop drinking soda and iced tea for a month and see what happens. I'll be too busy playing my ps3 anyway to drink soda. haha

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