Top 10 reasons why I choose Playstation (part 2)

Yesterday, I started my top 10 on why I chose Playstation. It contained Reasons 6-10. Here are the next 3.

5. Format
For those who arent familiar with what blu-ray is, it's a 25GB disk single layer (50GB dual layer). Dvd is 4.7GB single layer and 8.5GB dual layer. Both the XBOT and Wii use DVD formats for their games. With 10 times more storage than its predecessor, this means longer games, more content, better uncompressed FMVs, less compression=faster load times. Some studios have also found cool things to include, like the recent John Woo game, Stranglehold, that includes the movie "Hard Boiled" which inspired the game itself.
Inspector Tequilla's (Chow Yun Fat) digital character from his 80's movie "Hard Boiled"

4. Blu-ray player
The next generation video format wars between blu-ray and HDDVD is a reminicent of the Betamax vs VHS format wars that happened the last decade, with VHS coming out on top. (Last gen it was Sony's Betamax vs everyone else's VHS). I'm sure a lot of people out there don't really care and I don't blame them since the DVD still satisfies their digital needs. Just to give perspective, the playstation 3 which costs $400-500 doubles as a blu-ray player compared to other standard blu-ray players in the market which retails for around $600 at least. With the way blu-ray movies are pounding HDDVD in terms of sales, we'll only have 1 format after a couple of years.
Format wars

3. Long term
If I buy something this pricey, I make sure it will be with me for a long time (Current gadgets: Nokia 6600 - 4 yrs, PS2 - 6 yrs, PSP - 2 yrs). Sony has a reputation of not abandoning support of its hardware even after the hype for it ends. Chrono cross (one of the games that got a perfect 10) came out 6th year of the PS1's life. God of war 2 (runner-up to multiple 2007 game of the year awards and sequel to one of the greatest ps2 games of the same name came out on the 7th year of the PS2's life). The console's use of the blu-ray format also ensures that this console is built to last.

8 down and 2 to go. I'm sure a lot of folks know what the last 2 are...

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