Top 10 reasons why I choose Playstation (part 3)

I started an article last week on my top 10 reasons why I got my playstation 3. I didn't get a chance to finish the article this week due to the acoustikahan event and the lovely consol issue at work, but here are the last 2.

2. Exclusives
Sony exclusives out of the box. Exclusives mean that these ain't coming out anywhere else. Sony makes some of the greatest games and also has really strong support from third party publishers. Exclusives like Tekken, Uncharted, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Heavenly sword, Resistance, Metal gear solid, and Unreal Tournament 3 (the last 2 being timed exclusives) just to name a FEW.

and #1.....

1. Games
Why do you buy a videogame console? To play the damn games! This powerhouse machine does all of the 9 i just mentioned plus play games.This piece of hardware will definitely keep me entertained for countless hours. I am counting down the days when I will get ahold of my PS3 (as of writing its 10).

I have not outgrown my love for video games and I probably won't in the near future. Let's get it on!

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