Call centers

I consider myself a person with a high level of patience. I don't get mad when the counter im ordering food from gives me a wrong order, i dont shout when the service takes forever at a particular restaurant, i dont go postal when someone cuts my lane or gives me a rude gesture while driving. See? I'm patient right?

Now, here come the call center folks.

I recently had to go through these people for various reasons and before calling them, of course, i had my basic expectations with me being the customer.
1. Let me complete what i needed to do in the shortest amount of time
2. Answer my questions
3. Give me good customer service

I call up PLDT, voice prompt, cool. At least the voice talks fast. I make the necessary options then it forwards me to an operator. It takes less than 20 seconds for the operator to answer. So far so good. I give my query, she asks for my phone line. Can't process my request coz system's down. I call again after 30 mins as instructed. System's down. I call after 2 hours. They get my request and its forwarded to the contractor. Call done. Time taken: almost 3 hours... 3 days pass. No PLDT. I call them up to followup. Canned answer, "Sir, we'll followup with the contractor". Another day passes. I call, same answer. Repeat and recycle for 2 more days.

Ok, so far my issue has been non-call center related as its the external factors that are causing this. But they are the call center FOR the company and when i ask for an explanation, basic expectation is they answer me properly as they are answering on behalf of the company. In the umpth times that i call them it really gets to me when the call center agents are giving me attitude. "Sir, hindi naman namin fault na down", "Sir, hindi namin alam kng bakit nagdown un system", "Sir, kasi ganito, kasi ganyan.".

If i wanted to hear excuses instead of results and action plans i would rather have done something else. To be fair, some agents are quite good in handling calls and a big majority of them have been guys.

I have similar experiences with Globe and BPI. I have never had this experience with Destiny cable though, since they NEVER answer the phone anyway. My average waiting time is at 8 minutes, wherein i get disconnected or i just hang up. Unbelievable.

On a final note, Kudos to SMART and Home cable for giving me great customer service.

How may i help you sir?

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