Is it really the invincible Ironman?

When i saw the teaser trailer for Ironman a few months back, i was freakin' STOKED. Being an Iron man fan since the early 90's, it's really exciting to know that they're coming up w/ a live action movie of one of my childhood heroes. The teaser was pretty promising in such that it stays pretty true to the comic book.

Now here comes the trailer for ironman. It was absolutely horrible. It shows me what may be the final scene in the movie. The tin can iron man versus the red and yellow iron man. It shows that the enemy for some reason got the plans for tony's suit and created on of his own. IF this was going to be the final battle then its pretty much going to suck. I STRONGLY hope that this is just the midboss and the final boss would be someone like FinFangFoom or the Mandarin, or maybe even the crimson dynamo! But that's just wishful thinking for me, let's see where this movie takes Tony.

Just watch the trailer and you decide
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