Dumb Sanyo commercial

Companies put out TV commercials in between shows to let you know some basic stuff about their product like:
  • what the product is all about, and;
  • why you would buy it, and probably
  • price

Having said this, advertisers normally need to squeeze all that creative juice to come up with something that will stick in people's heads. I just can't help noticing that there are some dumb commercials out there.

Imagine the commercial starting with a zoomed image of 2 kids shouting into the wind and laughing at the same time. Picture zooms out, you see that the kids are shouting into an electric fan blowing into their faces, moving along with the fan while it oscillates. This goes on for about 10 seconds, then the killer tag line comes out...

"Sanyo Electric fan -- Anti-boredom"

Lame. But then again, it made an impression. Not enough for me to go out and buy it to stave off boredom though. Not really sure what they wanted to achieve with this.

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