I love wednesdays

I love wednesdays. I find reasons to do so even when there's none. Even when crazy stuff happens at work (like some dude, by accident, erasing all user profiles in our finance system which meant noone could log on) a crisis i had to manage. One of the major reasons why I love wednesdays is because 2 of my favorite podcasts come out on this date. I always look forward to listening to them on my way home or while I'm driving. They're the GiantBombcast, the podcast that's hosted by Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis (former gamespot editors). they just talk about games during the podcast. The other podcast is the Hotspot by gamespot editors.

This wednesday started pretty well as I got an SMS saying that my grand theft auto 4 preorder is already ready for pickup later in the day. It went on when there was a peculiar box resting on my desk when i arrived at the office. Apparently I had won a raffle at a company event the day before and there sat an HP D2460 printer. Just when I was just planning on buying a new one since the one we have at home is almost 10 years old already.

I'm also pretty excited coz Tor Thorsen (one of my favorite podcast members) is now hosting the Hotspot, which meant that he'll be a regular already. The day ended with a bang as I got to pick up GTA4 as well as watch Speed Racer with a good friend of mine. Overall, this was a great wednesday.

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