Let the GTA4 controversy begin

Grand theft auto 4 came out just yesterday and I can't wait to get my hands on my pre-ordered copy! Several sites already gave it a perfect 10.

But while i'm waiting for that, the controversies for GTA4 have already started. One example of which, since other places usually start selling this at midnight, people queue up at late night and apparently someone was stabbed near the place and of course it was attributed to GTA4, althought the dude was discharged later on after treatment. In another place, an 18 year old kid who was walking home with his friends after buying a copy of GTA4 was mugged and beaten by some other kids as they took away his copy of the game. All I can say about these news is this, "THE GAME JUST CAME OUT! PEOPLE HAVE NOT PLAYED IT YET SO YOU CAN'T BLAME THE GAME FOR THESE CRIMES!"

Regardless, this is pretty awesome game which I will wait patiently for no matter what anyone else says. I will enjoy my last days of sunlight because I will miss what the sun looks like after I get this game

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