Tickle : what kind of dog are you?

Dog week for me. Everything seems to have something to do with dogs. Hmm.. took this test and it came up with me being a Yorkshire terrier. odd. I wonder if this is how Lucky views me.

Druce, you're a Yorkshire Terrier!

No bones about it, you're a social, bustling Yorkshire Terrier. Active and enthusiastic, Yorkies like you have a ton of energy — which means you're probably always running around like a mad dog. You're never without a project to work on, an errand to run, or a party to catch. (Where do you find the time?) You're a chatty little pup, too — talking is one of your favorite pastimes. That's why all your friends and acquaintances see you as their own personal Entertainment Tonight and rely on you for the latest gossip and social bulletins. You always liven up a dinner party or cocktail gathering, and people simply adore your affectionate nature and get-up-and-go eagerness. Woof!


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