E3 is just around the corner. For those who dont know what E3 is, it's called the Electronics Entertainment Expo which is to gaming what Worldbex is to archi/interior design folks. For short, this is THE event where majority of game publishers show off and hype up what they have coming in time for the thanksgiving/fall/holidays.

Anyway, I have been following Sony's lineup for the Playstation 3 this coming E3 and it features some really heavy hitters like Resistance 2 (an alien first person shooter), Little big planet (a create-your-own-level sandbox game), and Killzone 2 (a futuristic first person shooter).

Now, I just saw this morning an article. RUMOR: GoW3 in E3? GOD OF WAR 3!!! It was enough for me to almost piss in my pants. I've yet to finish GoW2 which i plan on doing this weekend along with MGS4. But this is really good news if in fact it's accurate.
Kratos being himself

Speaking of Kratos, it's rumored that he'll make an appearance in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur 4. Which totally makes sense. In any sense, it's going to be a pretty exciting few months ahead.

Killzone 2Resistance : Fall of man 2
Little big planet

Unlike millions of other folks on this planet, I am not actually impressed by Apple's iPod. I can see what it tries to do and kudos to it for being what it is. My lifestyle doesn't really require me to have an iPod. I live near my office so travel time is nearly non-existent, and when I'm home I don't normally do anything that involves earphones. For my multimedia needs I have my PSP and it keeps me company especially when I am in the airport during travel or when I am in the car on long drive outings.

So that's me. I have occasionally had the chance to use an iPod during parties when someone would ask me to change the song playing or when they want me to listen to something in particular.

In-game iPod

Now, fast forward to just last week. I was so excited coz I just my copy of Metal Gear solid 4 for the PS3 (review coming as soon as i finish the game). As I was toying around with the gadgets that the hero Solid Snake had, lo and behold, he has an iPod in his inventory. So anyway, you use the right thumbstick to control the iPod as you would in real life then clicking the right thumbstick would simulate pressing the buttons. There wasn't any tutorial on how to use the iPod so I had a difficult time selecting a song and navigating through the menus.

Solid Snake

But anyway, there you have it, my first real iPod experience, kinda.

A few weeks back I got a chance to play Guitar hero 3 on my friend Penpen's Wii. Now, before that I thought I was decided on getting Rockband but apparently not. I know Guitar hero has been in the market for the longest time but for some reason I never got into the bandwagon... I saw it several times in the SM appliance shops running in the TVs but never actually got to try it or even saw people playing it.

Me nailing that Cliffs of Dover solo

So anyway, I got to play Guitar hero... 1 week later, I got my own copy for the PS3. I was at first pretty torn between getting Guitar hero and rockband. But finally decided on getting GH3 because people were saying that Rockband was easier to play and that you need 4 players or the full band to enjoy it (lead, bass, drums, vocals). For the best single player experience, GH is the way to go.

As the notes move down, you need to press the fret and strum at the same time

The story's pretty straightforward, you're a lead guitarist (or rhythm/bass if there are 2 players) for a band that's starting out so you begin by playing in the garage and eventually earn money to play in bigger stages with more fans. It's not the deepest storyline, but come on, this is a guitar game, not an RPG.

Some GH3 before going to work


The menus are very clean. Everything is straightforward the way I like it. There are options to play in career with the storyline or you can play 2 player co-op. You can also go online and challenge other guitar heroes OR play co-op with them. You navigate by using the guitar as the controller. Fret buttons are the OK and BACK buttons and the strummer is the up/down.

Game gets harder as you play

It's guitar hero. There are 5 fret buttons and a strummer and the game follows a "dance revolution" style where you have to hit the fret and strum it as the note passes through the line. Pretty straightfoward right? Well it sounds easier than it really it. I play the guitar in real life so i had an easier time playing it at first in terms of correct positioning of the hands. But later on I realized that that was just about everything that my real-life guitar skills were good for.

The game has 4 difficulty levels, easy only has you playing with 3 fret buttons, 4 for normal and 5 for hard. The last difficulty level "Expert" really puts your guitar hero skills to the test. I personally havent had the guts to try out Expert yet as I'm just finishing up the Hard level.
and even harder later on...

As for the track list, the game features about 60+ songs. I dont know half of the songs since they're mostly Rock songs from 60's to the present but there are some that I just absolutely love like Welcome to the jungle by Guns and roses, One by Metallica and Black Magic woman by Santana. Same thing as most games today, there are downloadable content available on the Playstation store which you can purchase for about 100php per song, (some are free though).

The hardware

This is a really fun game to play. It unleashes the inner rockstar in people who play it. There was a moment just earlier today while playing hard that my eyes were looking at the notes and my fingers were moving on their own. It was the greatest thing ever, like my eyes were shorted to my fingers and not going through my brain anymore. Awesome. Quite addicting also, it has the power to make me keep saying, "1 last song" every time i finish one which makes me end up playing for 2-3 hours instead of 1.

Frontline is the greatest gift of God to dogs since man. For all dog lovers and owners out there, you know how annoying it is when our doggies get a tick/flea problem. My doggie has semi long hair but there are times when the flea infestation gets really bad. When this happens, i make sure that I spend at least 10 mins a day picking out the fleas and putting them in the flea death pits (can w/ kerosine or gas). Sometimes it just never stops coz they just keep coming and it would torture me to see my doggie looking and acting "matamlay" at times.

I'm ready for more Frontline

Now, luckily I was told about frontline. Which is just a small sache-like container smaller than a mini-eyemoe which I have to apply to my dog's shoulder blades once every few months. Apparently, this will get absorbed by the blood and turn my dog into a huge flea killing machine. All while not having any negative effects on my dog.

Yay! Let's get 'em ticks

And then, after a few months, here comes a new product called Front line PLUS which the lady in the vet sold to me when I went there. PLUS?! Whoa! When i saw this i just HAD to buy it. I mean, it has a PLUS on it. Meaning positive. Like, whatever the old frontline was, this added something better to it. Anyway, I eventually found out that this kills flea EGGS as well. Awesome.

My doggie can sleep soundly at night now

There have been some great cosplayers out there that I have seen but this one takes the cake. It's one of the demons from the Survival-horror game and also a movie - Silent hill. Take a look for yourself.

I love to sing karaoke. I go out with my friends to a karaoke place, go to Timezone, or sometimes I just listen to music on my winamp and sing along. Karaokes would give me goofy scores afterwards and that would be the end of it. That is until I discovered Singstar. Singstar has been an established franchise on the playstation 2 but I just never got on board becuase 1.)it's not available here in Philippines and 2.)when you buy the game, the number of songs on the disc are fixed meaning you can't add new songs. All that was before the playstation 3.

I recently purchased this game just last Sunday due to really good reviews about it and it does NOT disappoint. Singstar is basically a karaoke game where you connect 2 PS3 Microphones into the system's USB slots then go crazy. It shows you the lyrics of the song and the tone in which you're supposed to sing it (represented by a gray bar), and when you do actually start singing, a colored bar shows you how you're doing whether you're in tune or out of tune. This is also the basis of the scoring in the game.

The blue solid bar tells you if you're in tune or out of tune

It's a karaoke game. No plots. Just go and sing.


This is one of the games with better menus. The screen transitions are seamless and very straightforward. There is enough help in the help menu to let you know what you're doing. The interface is clean in that all options are relevant and there are no useless links that lead you nowhere. It's pretty easy to use noting that this game is targetting very casual gamers.

The mic was not responsive at first meaning the voice was being registered late in the screen resulting in notes not being hit properly and scores being sub-par. This was fixed via a software update though and I was able to recalibrate the mics to sync with the video.

Since this is a party game, there are several modes that you can play including battle singing, battle duets, medley (where it plays lines from random songs), and a whole lot of other options. I had a blast playing this with my sisters and their friends when they came over last Sunday.

My singstar online to upload my videos for people to rate

Now, since I have an Eyetoy camera from my PS2 which works with this as well, I can enable an option where I can see myself and whoever I'm singing with on the screen instead of the music video. I can also choose the option wherein i watch the music video and the camera takes 20-30 second clips during parts of the song which i can save on my harddrive and watch again later on. This links perfectly with the online community that this game has where you have a profile and you can put up your videos for other people to watch and they can rate your videos from 1-5 stars.
From the same guys that brought me Eyetoy comes Singstar

The game ships with 30 songs built in which kinda sucks at first... BUT... here comes the power of the PS3's online capability. You can actually download new songs from the Singstore for $1.49 a song. This includes the song as well as the music video. That's roughly P80 per song which is really worth it in my point of view since I never have to buy the game again and I can just add songs from the Singstore. Now, don't forget people, Sony owns Song BMG records as well as a ton of other independent music companies. So that's what you can expect their song catalog to comprise of. The singstore currently has around 200+ songs but they promise to add around 50 each week.
The hardware

One of the best party games I have played so far. Sometimes after the party I find myself sitting alone in my living room playing this over Grand theft auto and Guitar hero... sometimes. I have yet to try out the other game modes and the online community sharing. Heck, I've only had this for roughly 2 days. Can't wait to play it some more.

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