Frontline is blissful goodness

Frontline is the greatest gift of God to dogs since man. For all dog lovers and owners out there, you know how annoying it is when our doggies get a tick/flea problem. My doggie has semi long hair but there are times when the flea infestation gets really bad. When this happens, i make sure that I spend at least 10 mins a day picking out the fleas and putting them in the flea death pits (can w/ kerosine or gas). Sometimes it just never stops coz they just keep coming and it would torture me to see my doggie looking and acting "matamlay" at times.

I'm ready for more Frontline

Now, luckily I was told about frontline. Which is just a small sache-like container smaller than a mini-eyemoe which I have to apply to my dog's shoulder blades once every few months. Apparently, this will get absorbed by the blood and turn my dog into a huge flea killing machine. All while not having any negative effects on my dog.

Yay! Let's get 'em ticks

And then, after a few months, here comes a new product called Front line PLUS which the lady in the vet sold to me when I went there. PLUS?! Whoa! When i saw this i just HAD to buy it. I mean, it has a PLUS on it. Meaning positive. Like, whatever the old frontline was, this added something better to it. Anyway, I eventually found out that this kills flea EGGS as well. Awesome.

My doggie can sleep soundly at night now

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