My first ipod experience

Unlike millions of other folks on this planet, I am not actually impressed by Apple's iPod. I can see what it tries to do and kudos to it for being what it is. My lifestyle doesn't really require me to have an iPod. I live near my office so travel time is nearly non-existent, and when I'm home I don't normally do anything that involves earphones. For my multimedia needs I have my PSP and it keeps me company especially when I am in the airport during travel or when I am in the car on long drive outings.

So that's me. I have occasionally had the chance to use an iPod during parties when someone would ask me to change the song playing or when they want me to listen to something in particular.

In-game iPod

Now, fast forward to just last week. I was so excited coz I just my copy of Metal Gear solid 4 for the PS3 (review coming as soon as i finish the game). As I was toying around with the gadgets that the hero Solid Snake had, lo and behold, he has an iPod in his inventory. So anyway, you use the right thumbstick to control the iPod as you would in real life then clicking the right thumbstick would simulate pressing the buttons. There wasn't any tutorial on how to use the iPod so I had a difficult time selecting a song and navigating through the menus.

Solid Snake

But anyway, there you have it, my first real iPod experience, kinda.

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