Sony's E3 lineup

E3 is just around the corner. For those who dont know what E3 is, it's called the Electronics Entertainment Expo which is to gaming what Worldbex is to archi/interior design folks. For short, this is THE event where majority of game publishers show off and hype up what they have coming in time for the thanksgiving/fall/holidays.

Anyway, I have been following Sony's lineup for the Playstation 3 this coming E3 and it features some really heavy hitters like Resistance 2 (an alien first person shooter), Little big planet (a create-your-own-level sandbox game), and Killzone 2 (a futuristic first person shooter).

Now, I just saw this morning an article. RUMOR: GoW3 in E3? GOD OF WAR 3!!! It was enough for me to almost piss in my pants. I've yet to finish GoW2 which i plan on doing this weekend along with MGS4. But this is really good news if in fact it's accurate.
Kratos being himself

Speaking of Kratos, it's rumored that he'll make an appearance in the PS3 version of Soul Calibur 4. Which totally makes sense. In any sense, it's going to be a pretty exciting few months ahead.

Killzone 2Resistance : Fall of man 2
Little big planet

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