This made my day yesterday

I was browsing through the list of on-demand movies while I was in transit back from Newcastle. After having watched like 6 movies prior, I was running out of movies to watch. It ended up as being a coin-toss between Dodgeball (Vince Vaughn) and Die Hard 3 with a vengeance. I decided to watch dodgeball since it was shorter.

It was about a band of dudes being forced to play dodgeball to win tournament money and pay off their debts and save their gym. Now, it came to a point in the movie where they reached the finals but were disqualified because their players were late, and then... and then they learned that having a 51% judge vote could overturn the ruling. Since there were 3 judges, it meant 2 out of 3.

Scene shows first dude giving a thumbs up. Second judge gives a thumbs down. And the best scene in the movie, third judge shows Chuck "freakin" Norris giving the thumbs up. It was the coolest thing ever and it made me shout "OH YEAH" during the flight. More Chuck Norris goodness here.

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