Finally! Resident evil done right!

I like videogames. I don't like Paul W.S. Anderson. If you mix Paul with videogames you get crap. Positive multiplied by negative is still negative. It's a proven fact. For some reason, dudes at hollywood think that this guy knows videogames so they keep giving him the reins to "videogame-to-big-screen" movies. But anything this guy touches turns into crap.

Alien vs predator at the coin-op arcades

Take aliens vs predator. 2 sci-fi dudes from the big screen. Awesome. They were made into a videogame. Cool. Hollywood decides to make a movie. Great. Paul Anderson touches it. Crap. Same thing for Mortal Kombat, Resident evil, DoA, Milla Jovovich. Ok, the last one wasn't a game, but same end result after Paul Anderson.

So anyway, to resident evil. One of the pioneer survival horror games to grace the world. I couldn't go play this game alone in a dark room. The gameplay (for its time) was superb. People in the gaming community hear about this and you'll hear praises. Now, the guys with the big bucks say, "Hey, this is a sure hit if we bring it to the big screen, let's get this dude who did mortal kombat, that's a popular game too right?". The rest is history, ask a non-gamer what resident evil is and they'll just say, "oh, that zombie movie". Totally unacceptable!

But finally, guys at Capcom and Sony realized this as well. So finally! Here's Resident Evil: degeneration. A CG movie starring RE4's Leon Kennedy and RE2's Claire Redfield. I was pissing my pants when I saw the trailer. It looks like they're using the same engine as the RE5 for current gen consoles.

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