There’s this new movie that caught me off guard when I saw the trailer. It’s called Django Unchained… and it’s going to be awesome! The first few seconds of the trailer had a very familiar voice in Christoph Waltz in it. (For those of you who watched Inglorious Basterds, he was the military guy who was hunting down Jews. For those who haven’t seen the movie, put 2 things on your to-do list: 1.Watch Inglorious Basterds and 2. Put Django Unchained on your movie queue).

Quentin Tarantino films are always fun to watch. There is a very specific style that he has that no other director has. I’ve seen Inglorious Basterds multiple times, same goes for From Dusk Till Dawn, and the Kill Bills. If you've seen them, then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, go watch them again. Please.

Great Cast of Actors

So anyway, Christoph Waltz, he was so awesome in the Basterds movie. He was a character you love to hate. There’s just something in his voice that just hits a nerve. Now that he’s the main guy, it’s going to be fun rooting for him for a change.

Waltz was Col Hans from Inglorius Basterds

If you don’t know Mr.Waltz, then some other familiars should draw you in: Jaime Foxx, Sammy Jackson and Leo DiCaprio just to name a few. Each trailer as well as some of the reviews that are already out just make me more and more excited to go watch this.

Movie shows this January in theaters. It's already out in other countries since they don't have to go through the Metro Manila film festival. 
The new year is almost here and everyone knows what comes with that: fireworks. Whether to ward off evil spirits, welcome the new year or show people how much spare cash you’re able to burn (pun intended) depending on who you ask. Fireworks have always been a part of celebrations like this.

Firecrackers will be loud during the new year

If you have a pet at home, you should know that our lovable furry creatures have very sensitive hearing so the slightest noise already catches their attention. When the new year comes and the firecrackers start going off they do not understand what the heck is going on except for the really loud explosions that hurt their ears to some extent so naturally they get scared. Some whimper and some want to get inside the house. A normal reaction for pet owners is "awwhh my wittwe baby, come here, its going to be all right"... You are coddling your pet and contrary to what you may have heard, you may be doing more harm than good.

Here is how your pet's mind works: they look at things and they relate them together. So say you show your dog a treat, he will salivate then eat the treat. If you ring a bell during this time and keep doing it every time you give him a treat, your dog will start to relate the bell to food. So next time he hears the bell, he’ll start to salivate. He has related the bell to food.

Distract your pet with other activities

Now, going back to new year’s eve firecrackers. Your dog hears the bangs and gets scared, then you coddle him with hugs and kisses, what message are you sending your dog? You’re telling him that it’s ok to be scared, because each time he gets scared, you’re there for him. Congratulations, you’ve just mentally screwed your dog.

Invest on your pet and it will pay off

Here’s what you SHOULD do: instead of coddling him, you should be distracting him. Play fetch, run around with him, do activities he enjoys, give him treats. Don’t make him think about the loud noises. What message does this send? That loud noises equals fun. So next time your pet hears those noises, he will remember the fun memories instead of being scared.

We all love our pets but sometimes we don’t realize that we are causing them harm. In case you haven’t realized, this article is specifically for dogs. For cat owners, just give them a ball of yarn or a scratching post, they won’t really care. Hope this helps.

Imagine buying a Ferrari, after the dealer sells it to you, it can only go until third gear and have top speed of 100kph only, then you’re not able to open the hood. You have to trust that dealer knows what’s best for you. Your car will do what it’s supposed to which is get you from point A to point B, and as long as you follow instructions then you have less chances of messing it up. The challenge here is that you’re not getting the most out of your car because you just know that it can do so much more than this.

Buying your new Android phone is like that, your phone is essentially locked to do what manufacturer (Samsung, HTC, Sony etc) says it’s supposed to do. If you’re content with that, then it’s perfectly fine. But if you’re looking to maximize your purchase, there is a way to get around this. And that is by Rooting your Phone.

My reaction when people ask me if this is like Jailbreaking. Cute.

Rooting removes all of those restrictions set by the manufacturer. You are able to do whatever the heck you want with the hardware as long as you know what you’re doing. You have full access to the “hood” of your phone (it's called Super User). Which means that you can change certain aspects of it like the speed that it runs, which drivers to use for your hardware, the boot animations or something even as drastic as changing the whole operating system.

So why doesn't your phone ship like this? There is a reason why those restrictions were there in the first place, it’s to protect n00bs from messing up their phones. Imagine giving someone without knowledge of cars or driving access to tweak under the hood of a Ferrari.

So is rooting illegal? Heck no! You’re not doing anything wrong by rooting your phone. Some manufacturers like Samsung even encourage it and support some groups like Cyanogen that create really cool stuff with it. Android was designed to be an open platform so this just brings out the best in it.

WARNING: There is a chance you’ll mess up and turn your phone into a paperweight if you’re not careful in the process of rooting.

Difference of Rooting and Jailbreaking
I’ll just get this out of the way. These are NOT the same. Jailbreaking removes some restrictions that your iOS device has which will allow you to do simple stuff like install unsigned/unauthorized apps and themes that are not on the App store. This is also known as sideloading. Android has this feature out of the box and you don't need to do anything for this feature. To sum it up, Jailbreaking allows you to bend the rules that Apple has set so you can play around in its box. Rooting lets you break all of the rules and do whatever you please. If you see people comparing the 2 side by side just smile and nod.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting:

Advantage 1. Your phone will run faster
You will have access to options like clock speed for your phone. So you can define if you want it to run faster or slower. Yes, slower. This saves you battery for the sacrifice of speed.

Speed Boosts like a BOSS
Advantage 2. You only install what you want (better performance)
More often than not, when you buy a phone from a manufacturer, you have a LOT of apps pre-installed in it. Some you don’t even know are running in the background. These tasks take up valuable system resources which drain your battery and cause your phone to run slower. The phone will not allow you to remove these apps since they are manufacturer-locked. Rooting solves this by giving you access to them and having an option to uninstall them.

Advantage 3. Custom ROMS
A new look and feel for your phone as often as you like. I wrote about it here.

Advantage 4. Awesome Root Applications
Since you have access to all your phone’s features, it’s only a matter of customizing your phone how you want it to work for you. There is an app that causes your phone to vibrate when the call is answered or put down. There is another app that allows you to back up your entire phone into an archive. There’s also an app that saves the state of your applications. Imagine combining this with cloud saves. You can potentially access your phone applications anywhere in the world in case you lose your phone.

Advantage 5. Customization
Want an 8 direction lock screen? Want your status bar to show you the battery status? Want your phone to log everything you do? The standard android operating system does a lot of this customization already, but a rooted phone gives you so much more.
Lockscreens like a BOSS

There are 2 disadvantages of rooting a phone: First is that there is always a risk of bricking your phone. When you brick your phone, it’s gone. There are ways to try and revive it, but nothing is guaranteed. Second is that you void your “software” warranty. Remember, your hardware warranty is intact. There is a way around this since there are ways to “Unroot” or bring your phone back to its original state.

So there you have it. I personally recommend rooting your phone. Just make sure you know what you’re doing before you do it.
If you were a kid during the late 80s and early 90s then you know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You had to. Every Friday night at 7:30, I would get ready to watch it right after the Ghostbusters.

This spawned toys, games, live action movies, clothes, water jugs.. everything you could think of. It was in the lips of the children anywhere you go.

The original series ended in 1996 and had several reboots after the which I wasn’t really able to follow that much. This year though, the turtles are back and better than ever. Nickelodeon has done a superb job of making me feel like a little kid again.

Heroes in a half shell!

At first glance, it is not appealing. I took a peek, then changed to something else. It wasn’t until I ran out of things to watch when I went back to it, and I am very thankful that I did.

The reboot is faithful to the origins story. Four turtles get exposed to the mysterious mutagen ooze which turns them into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their master, Splinter, who was also exposed and turned into a giant rat, trains them to be ninjas.

My mom wouldn't buy me one of these when I was a kid

All four turtles are present and accounted for. April o'Neal and Splinter round up the good guys. The main baddies like Shredder and Krang are also here.

The show is in CGI. Unlike the original which was hand drawn cartoons. This gives it a more grimy feel which is very nice. The original one felt too “clean”.

The full cast

Each episode in the first season just got better than the last. I had a new favorite episode each week. New characters are introduced at the right pace and you understand each character’s motivations.

The first season runs for 12 episodes. The second season has already been confirmed. Each episode is just fun to watch. Put this in your queue or watch it over the holidays.

Cowabunga dude!
UPDATE: Latest promo here

If you walk around Manila and are observant, chances are that you might have seen these orange vending machines called ULoad. If you haven’t, then look harder. This could also be the extra income you’re looking for.

Uload Logo
ULoad Machine picture
The ULoad Machine!

ULoad is a fast, digital and paperless solution for selling cellphone load for prepaid users. It’s a physical vending machine, you put your mobile number, enter the amount, give it your money, then it sends you the load within a minute. Transaction done within 1 or 2 minutes. No talking to the convenience store guy who fumbles your number and offers you to buy siomai. You also don’t have the creepy guy at the back listening to you dictate your number. Remember, this covers all major telco carriers including your internet sticks like Tattoo.

Uload Services
Any network, ULoad has you covered, it even has Facebook credits

Here’s how you can get into it: the company handling ULoad is offering franchising for these machines. You pay a franchise fee which last I checked was somewhere ranging from P10k to 50k per machine. The difference in cost is from the profit sharing plans. You pick a good location which they will approve (to make sure you’re not near any other machines), then you’re good to go. If you hit the jackpot and pick a really good location where a lot of people use it, then you can get your ROI (return on investment) in 6 months maybe. Everything after that is profit multiplied by depending on how many machines you want to franchise.

ULoad Trade show
The machine is small so you can put it outside your house, in your condo building, near schools, commute areas, restaurants, cafes or wherever you think people will use it.

According to statistics, people prefer talking to a machine over human interaction. You know how it is with Pinoys. The BEST part is that you sit at home and do absolutely nothing.. other than perhaps checking the status on how much money you’ve made already.

So on top of all major telephone carriers (Globe, Smart, Sun, Red, T&T), the machine also has load for online gaming (Level-up games, League of Legends, HoN). If you have some spare cash, then give it a go. TV5 also did a very good feature for it below.

What are you waiting for? Go have a look-see.

For NCR franchising: 02-8959935 loc. 103 / 113 / 105
For province franchising/dealership: 02-8959935 loc. 304
To know where you can see these machines today go here
Start calling up all of your Mayan friends and start saying goodbye because they have less than a week left. Coz this is just them right?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about all the doomsday predictions. Apparently the Mayans made a calendar that only ran until Dec 21, 2012. Some dudes picked it up and started going nuts. Whether you believe it or not, here’s the exact times when it “ends”.

Mark your calendars!

But seriously folks, this is just there for table and group conversations, if you take it more than that then it’s on you.

True.. but it's going to be fun anyway

Regardless of what you think, it’s the holiday season so let’s PARTY like the Mayans were right!

If you’re like me and don’t have an organized folder structure, then you’ve encountered certain situations where you need to find files but can’t. So you have to rely on windows search or other third parties like Google desktop.

Everything (yes, that’s the name of the program) from voidtools promises to solve all your file-searching problems. It’s also lightning fast. All of the results come out as you type the file name. It can also take wildcards ( * ), so if you would like to search for all document files you would use an (*.doc) query. This consumes close to nothing in terms of system resources. This means your computer won’t slow down even when it’s running all the time in the background. This also takes up little to no space in your hard drive for its index (approx 50MB per 1 million files). After installation, you can expect this to finish indexing your machine after 10 minutes.

There wasn’t anything I disliked about this program. It’s perfect for what I’m looking for in a desktop search engine. Best of all, its FREE.

This literally searches for Everything


Now, let’s talk the competition:

Google Desktop: The advantages of Google desktop is that it indexes even the content of the files, so if you are looking for a specific text within a file like a document or a powerpoint file, this will do it for you. Google desktop also crawls your emails so it’s useful if you need to look for a specific email (This feature was removed in latter versions of MS Office though. Starting Office 2007 onwards, google desktop won’t launch with your Outlook). The disadvantage of this is that it quite a lot of system resources. You also need to allocate 2 or 3 GB of space (depending on how many files you have) where Google stores its index.

Windows Search: This has come a long way from the old days of the Office assistant. It has improved in how it does it’s indexing and searching (I actually find stuff with this). The best feature is that it integrates so well with office applications. In Outlook, for example, whenever you can an email, you can use windows search to show you what your past interactions with this person were (email, chat). What I don’t like about this is that it is VERY INTRUSIVE in terms of resources. Each time, I kid you not, each time you change a file in your system or send an email, expect to feel some slowdown care of Windows search. I’ve found that this happens when your index or number of files grows big. I have sacrificed the outlook features and disabled windows search completely.

To stop Windows Search just go to Start then at the search bar type “services.msc”. Look for and double click on Windows search. You want to stop it then change the startup type to disabled.

You can visit their website at


This movie has been in my sights for quite a bit and when I saw this trailer first thing this morning it felt like I took a shot of espresso! Then I watched it again, and again. Here’s your 2 minutes of AWESOMENESS!!

To sum it up:

Giant Robots + Giant Monsters + GLaDOS = AWESOME!

If you’re like me and a bazillion other people in the world, you log on to Facebook more than a few times everyday. I go there to get entertained, whether it’s a funny joke, a silly question, desperate calls for attention, funny pictures and cute dog pictures! Then there’s the annoying side of it: game invites, horoscopes, TMI (too much info) pictures or just rants. Whatever it is, it’s fun.

The beauty of all this is that it is all uncensored and pure information that is out there. But at the same time, it is also just a chunk of information. It’s easy to get lost or to miss important things or even get rid of things you’ve already read. This is where Social Fixer will change the way you view Facebook.

Will you get your Social Fix(er)?

Social Fixer is an add-on to your browser which will give you a slew of features that will allow you to CUSTOMIZE your Facebook experience. And I’m not talking about customizing by sorting by most recent or top stories; I’m not even talking about blocking apps. Those are features that are helpful but don’t do anything to customize your experience. I’m talking about real change!

Don't see it yet? keep reading

This add-on does a lot but I’ll talk about the features that I have found to be useful:

Anonymous screenshots – I’m not talking voyeurism here. You might have also already seen in screenshots above that all identifiable names are gone. They change it to “FB User”. This is especially useful if you want to use FB to screenshot stuff and don’t want to keep blurring out names. It’s not perfect, but it’s an elegant way of doing it. After you activate this, just refresh your browser and this mode goes away.

Extended screen – If you want to make the most out of your monitor’s real estate, then this feature gets rid of the blank spaces at the edges.

Tabbed browsing – This filters stuff into different tabs. Want all twitter messages filtered into a tab? Done! Filter all Farmville requests into another tab? Done! This ensures you get what you need at a glance

Marking items as read – Hate seeing those same posts over and over? Mark them as read and they will be gone forever!

Marking posts as read

Friend TrackerThis feature is interesting. You’ll be able to see who added you or, get this, unfriended you! I didn’t really care about this until I realized that there’s always some interesting activity going on here. As a consolation though, it sometimes tells you WHY you got unfriended. Whether the account is now inactive or deleted.

Instant Zoom – Hover your mouse over a picture and it zooms and shows you a zoomed in version of it. There is also a feature to disable FB’s annoying Theatre mode when you click on pictures.

If you’ve gotten this far then probably you’re interested enough to try it out. Head on to and install it on your favorite browser. It’s worth noting that IE is not supported (as if that was ever a doubt).

I had a really good time using this plugin. It still has some bugs here and there, but nothing that disrupts the user experience. Give this one a try. It will take you maybe 15 minutes to install and set it up (maybe 7 minutes if you're ok with default settings). There's still a ton of features that I have not yet tried. Comment below if there's something awesome that you discover.

Some other features I saw but did not use were:
Themes – I tried but could not get this to work. But it’s supposed to make your whole appearance look different.

Here’s a win-win situation. You give money to charity, and also get games for free. There’s this website I discovered earlier in the year called Humble Bundle. Here, from time to time, will give you a bundle of digital goods, and you can get it all for the price of.. ready? ANYTHING YOU WANT.

That’s right folks. Anything you want. Let me show you an example: Right now, if you go to the site, they have the THQ bundle going on. If you donate at least $1, you get 6 games worth around $110. If you decide to donate more than the running average ($5.63 as of this writing), then you get even MORE stuff. For the current bundle, you get 2 more great games worth $55! That’s $165 all in for the price of $5.63. And I have to mention, one of the games is Saint’s Row 3 which is a REALLY super fun game and one of my personal top 5 games of 2011.

You can get Darksiders ($20), Metro 2033 ($20), Red Faction Armageddon ($20) and Company of Heroes + add-ons($50)
When I saw this site, the first thing I thought was, “what’s the catch”, right? Answer: There’s none. All the people who support this site are the actual developers of the games so you know it’s legit. They put their games up here because they want to help charity and they don’t lose anything except maybe some sales BUT remember, some of these games have already been out for a few months so they already got their sales numbers. Remember, they also don’t lose money since these are digital games. Meaning it doesn’t come in a box that you can put in your hands and smell, instead, you’re given a code for your choice of PC/Mac/Linux. Oh, and they usually also come with the soundtrack for free.

Some day I will have time to play all this
Everything’s digital so sometimes it also puts up other digital stuff like Android games, e-books and music.
You pick how the donation gets split

This site accepts several payment methods like Amazon, Paypal and Google Checkouts so as long as you (or someone at home) has a credit card, then you’re good to go. If you don’t have a card then you can use the Globe GCash Amex (Philippines only) to make that purchase.

I enjoy planning for teambuilding activities. There’s something about people coming together and having fun outside of work that really energizes me. I’ve done more than 10 during my 7 year stay in P&G. The biggest I’ve done was for over 400+ people back in 2008. That was awesome. Or at least that’s how I remembered it. Last September I volunteered to lead a teambuilding for 120 people. One of the things that came up was that in our big organization, it’s a challenge to keep track of exactly what everyone’s area of responsibility is. You might know the people you directly work with, but for the others, you don’t. So one of the objectives was that, by the end of the activity, everyone in the organization knew what each other was doing or at least knew more than what they did before. Now, the challenge of coming up with these activities is that everyone needs to be engaged and at the same time hits the objectives you have set.
So we have:

  1. Good for 100+ people (but will also work for like 50+)
  2. Everyone has to be engaged
  3. Everyone needs to know what everyone else is working on
  4. Activity runs for 30-45 minutes
  5. Easy on the logistics

So I came up with: Human Role Bingo. Everyone’s heard about the human bingo, where you put personal entries like “has a sibling” or “is married” into a bingo sheet instead of the standard bingo numbers and then you go around the room asking people to sign in boxes that fits their description. This one has a twist where you put actual people’s roles or work description in like: “Makes sure that vendors are paid on time”; so obviously you would go to someone who handles accounts payables. It can also be a subject matter expertise like, “I want to know about Project Management Lifecycle” so you would go to someone who does projects and who knows what he’s doing. How I ran this was that I asked for help from our management to put together a list of all roles for all 120 employees so at least I have a master list. Next, we generated a random 5x5 card for each employee (so there’s no copying of answers). We put the 120 employees in a huge room, give them each a card, then release them into the wild. Folks who completed their cards after 30 minutes would win points.
This is what a sheet will look like

During the actual event, it was a joy to watch people engaging with other folks and getting them to sign their sheets. I could see some who get revelations like, “wasn’t this you?” or “OH, so you’re who I go to for this”. It was utter, but organized chaos. At the end of the activity, we flashed the answer key then asked them to check their own entries. Now there could be a few ones who don’t match the answers on the master list, and that’s completely fine, you just need to make sure they are able to justify the entry since it’s very possible that other people also know about the subject matter. 

So, just to recap, the steps were:

  1. Get a venue with a huge space. Enough for the people to walk around
  2. Get everyone's roles. (Get help from the managers so at least you don't need to talk to everyone. Org charts also work)
  3. Generate random bingo sheets based on the roles. You can use Excel formulas to generate random sheets
  4. Print it out for everyone. Make sure there's pens provided
  5. Unleash

As a result, I believe we hit our goals of having people gain additional knowledge about their own organization. I also believe people had a lot of fun. Try it for your organization and see for yourself.

Ever heard about this whole Globe G-Cash Amex? It essentially enables you to buy from online sites if either you don’t have a US credit card OR you don’t have a credit card at all… and it works! Disclaimer: Internet shopping addicts stop reading here. I wish someone had told me that before I found out about all of this.

I don’t usually read spam emails from Globe except when it says “your bill” but for some reason, I read this particular one. If you’ve heard of online services that give you a virtual credit card then just charge you a % fee like Entropay then this is what this is.

I never really cared about GCash until now

So this opens up sites that will only accept a US credit card like Amazon or Bestbuy who unfortunately don’t take Philippine credit cards, not even Paypal, because I had concluded based on forum feedback that there are a lot of people who cheat the system and just have the sites debit their online account then never paying for it. To which I say that those people should get rounded up, hog tied, then shot in the face.
Steam is a platform where I make most of my gaming purchases. Prices are dirt cheap

This service is perfect for me because I do a lot of purchases online mostly for digital stuff and other stuff that I don’t really need. I normally buy from online retailers like Steam or sites that take Paypal. One of the few sites who won’t take my money is Amazon which is really frustrating because most of the time they have stuff I want at really low prices. So naturally after I read about GCash Amex service I just HAD to try it out.

The process to set it up takes around an hour; you make a GCash account (which is an online wallet and obviously you need to be a Globe subscriber), this takes around 5 minutes… faster if someone on the line answers the phone sooner. Then you apply for the Amex service which takes another 5 minutes. Then you put money into your GCash account. They have bank to GCash transfers which I haven’t figured out how to do. But what I do is I go to a globe center then load it from there (FREE!). if you do the loading from a bayad center or a bank then there’s like a P20 per P1000 fee or something like that. After which you’re all set. Globe has the GCash process nailed down so it’s not hard to load and check your balance.

I made my first purchase from Amazon and after an hour, I had successfully made my purchase. Then I bought something else, then more stuff, then more stuff. The important thing is that this service works! I have my physical goods shipped to a relative in the US then we just figure out later on how to get it here. Globe also offers freight forwarding service where you just ask for your item to be shipped to their US address then they handle all the customs/duties (Think Johnny Air) for a cost. I didn’t try this service.
This is just a portion of the screen... i ordered a little bit more than this

So overall, I’m very happy with this GCash Amex. Cheers to Globe for coming up with this. Now I have the means to buy stuff I don’t need with the money I don’t have. 
I own a Samsung Galaxy S2. It’s my first experience with Android since i heard about the platform back in ‘07. I got this phone as a gift for myself for doing a good job of making a huge project go-live at work last July ‘11. At least that’s what I tell myself to this date.

You can tell the times when I play
That means I’ve had this phone for about 17 months. I have never regretted my purchase. I so love this phone because it’s small, light, fast and all. The list goes on but the real star here is the Android OS. Coming from a Symbian (c/o Nokia 5800) phone, I always knew Android was the one I wanted next, and it did not disappoint.

I could go on and on about the all the nice things about Android, but today, I want to talk about custom ROMs. The beauty of Android is that it is open source. Which means that Google makes the operating system, then gives out the blueprints to manufacturer’s like HTC, Sammy, LG, Sony etc, then they can build their own identity on top of what Google has. That’s why each phone interface looks and feels a little different. HTC has their Sense and Sammy has TouchWiz and so on.

I've been on Jelly bean since August on my SGS2

So anyway, custom ROMs. After Google releases the source code or “blueprint” for the latest Android version, there are dedicated groups of people who take that and make their own version of the ROM. So you know that great feeling the first time you turn on a new phone and all that welcome and tutorial screen comes up? Well that’s how I feel everytime I flash a new ROM. It’s a completely new experience. I always spend hours or days exploring all the new features as you would a new device. The updates and changes are also based on feedback from the community so you’re sure that there are no annoying apps that run in the background. Unlike the commercial ROMs that have bloatware on them. So this equals a cleaner and faster experience.

8 directional Lockscreen! You swipe and unlock directly to an app of your choice
The best thing about these custom ROMs are that after Google makes an announcement and releases the code, you can already start using them after a few weeks: as opposed to having to wait for months for the official ROMs to come out. Just for comparison, I have been on Jelly bean 4.1 since August. To date, Sammy hasn’t even released Jelly bean for the S2, and there’s already talks of v5.0 Key Lime Pie.

You can overclock (faster performance) or underclock (longer battery) your phone
Of course there’s also a downside to this: since these ROMs are free, it also means that the people who work on them do so during their spare time. So you can also expect that you will not get a 24/7 support. So flash at your own risk.

Right now I'm running Resurrection Remix 3.1.2 which is silky smooth

There is no perfect experience when it comes to phones. There will always be something you will want. It’s always good to have that so at least you have something you want to strive to get. But I will say that my experience in using my current one is pretty damn good.

Next time I'll probably write about how all the magic happens.
Exploring all the new features feels like using a new phone for the first time
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