Django Unchained is on My “Must-Watch Movies in 2013”. And It Should Be In Yours Too

There’s this new movie that caught me off guard when I saw the trailer. It’s called Django Unchained… and it’s going to be awesome! The first few seconds of the trailer had a very familiar voice in Christoph Waltz in it. (For those of you who watched Inglorious Basterds, he was the military guy who was hunting down Jews. For those who haven’t seen the movie, put 2 things on your to-do list: 1.Watch Inglorious Basterds and 2. Put Django Unchained on your movie queue).

Quentin Tarantino films are always fun to watch. There is a very specific style that he has that no other director has. I’ve seen Inglorious Basterds multiple times, same goes for From Dusk Till Dawn, and the Kill Bills. If you've seen them, then you'll know what I'm talking about. If you don't, go watch them again. Please.

Great Cast of Actors

So anyway, Christoph Waltz, he was so awesome in the Basterds movie. He was a character you love to hate. There’s just something in his voice that just hits a nerve. Now that he’s the main guy, it’s going to be fun rooting for him for a change.

Waltz was Col Hans from Inglorius Basterds

If you don’t know Mr.Waltz, then some other familiars should draw you in: Jaime Foxx, Sammy Jackson and Leo DiCaprio just to name a few. Each trailer as well as some of the reviews that are already out just make me more and more excited to go watch this.

Movie shows this January in theaters. It's already out in other countries since they don't have to go through the Metro Manila film festival. 
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