Don’t Coddle Your Pets During New Year’s Eve

The new year is almost here and everyone knows what comes with that: fireworks. Whether to ward off evil spirits, welcome the new year or show people how much spare cash you’re able to burn (pun intended) depending on who you ask. Fireworks have always been a part of celebrations like this.

Firecrackers will be loud during the new year

If you have a pet at home, you should know that our lovable furry creatures have very sensitive hearing so the slightest noise already catches their attention. When the new year comes and the firecrackers start going off they do not understand what the heck is going on except for the really loud explosions that hurt their ears to some extent so naturally they get scared. Some whimper and some want to get inside the house. A normal reaction for pet owners is "awwhh my wittwe baby, come here, its going to be all right"... You are coddling your pet and contrary to what you may have heard, you may be doing more harm than good.

Here is how your pet's mind works: they look at things and they relate them together. So say you show your dog a treat, he will salivate then eat the treat. If you ring a bell during this time and keep doing it every time you give him a treat, your dog will start to relate the bell to food. So next time he hears the bell, he’ll start to salivate. He has related the bell to food.

Distract your pet with other activities

Now, going back to new year’s eve firecrackers. Your dog hears the bangs and gets scared, then you coddle him with hugs and kisses, what message are you sending your dog? You’re telling him that it’s ok to be scared, because each time he gets scared, you’re there for him. Congratulations, you’ve just mentally screwed your dog.

Invest on your pet and it will pay off

Here’s what you SHOULD do: instead of coddling him, you should be distracting him. Play fetch, run around with him, do activities he enjoys, give him treats. Don’t make him think about the loud noises. What message does this send? That loud noises equals fun. So next time your pet hears those noises, he will remember the fun memories instead of being scared.

We all love our pets but sometimes we don’t realize that we are causing them harm. In case you haven’t realized, this article is specifically for dogs. For cat owners, just give them a ball of yarn or a scratching post, they won’t really care. Hope this helps.
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