GCash AMEX is Globe's Best Idea Since Unli-Calls

Ever heard about this whole Globe G-Cash Amex? It essentially enables you to buy from online sites if either you don’t have a US credit card OR you don’t have a credit card at all… and it works! Disclaimer: Internet shopping addicts stop reading here. I wish someone had told me that before I found out about all of this.

I don’t usually read spam emails from Globe except when it says “your bill” but for some reason, I read this particular one. If you’ve heard of online services that give you a virtual credit card then just charge you a % fee like Entropay then this is what this is.

I never really cared about GCash until now

So this opens up sites that will only accept a US credit card like Amazon or Bestbuy who unfortunately don’t take Philippine credit cards, not even Paypal, because I had concluded based on forum feedback that there are a lot of people who cheat the system and just have the sites debit their online account then never paying for it. To which I say that those people should get rounded up, hog tied, then shot in the face.
Steam is a platform where I make most of my gaming purchases. Prices are dirt cheap

This service is perfect for me because I do a lot of purchases online mostly for digital stuff and other stuff that I don’t really need. I normally buy from online retailers like Steam or sites that take Paypal. One of the few sites who won’t take my money is Amazon which is really frustrating because most of the time they have stuff I want at really low prices. So naturally after I read about GCash Amex service I just HAD to try it out.

The process to set it up takes around an hour; you make a GCash account (which is an online wallet and obviously you need to be a Globe subscriber), this takes around 5 minutes… faster if someone on the line answers the phone sooner. Then you apply for the Amex service which takes another 5 minutes. Then you put money into your GCash account. They have bank to GCash transfers which I haven’t figured out how to do. But what I do is I go to a globe center then load it from there (FREE!). if you do the loading from a bayad center or a bank then there’s like a P20 per P1000 fee or something like that. After which you’re all set. Globe has the GCash process nailed down so it’s not hard to load and check your balance.

I made my first purchase from Amazon and after an hour, I had successfully made my purchase. Then I bought something else, then more stuff, then more stuff. The important thing is that this service works! I have my physical goods shipped to a relative in the US then we just figure out later on how to get it here. Globe also offers freight forwarding service where you just ask for your item to be shipped to their US address then they handle all the customs/duties (Think Johnny Air) for a cost. I didn’t try this service.
This is just a portion of the screen... i ordered a little bit more than this

So overall, I’m very happy with this GCash Amex. Cheers to Globe for coming up with this. Now I have the means to buy stuff I don’t need with the money I don’t have. 
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