If You Haven’t Heard about ULoad, You’re Missing Out

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If you walk around Manila and are observant, chances are that you might have seen these orange vending machines called ULoad. If you haven’t, then look harder. This could also be the extra income you’re looking for.

Uload Logo
ULoad Machine picture
The ULoad Machine!

ULoad is a fast, digital and paperless solution for selling cellphone load for prepaid users. It’s a physical vending machine, you put your mobile number, enter the amount, give it your money, then it sends you the load within a minute. Transaction done within 1 or 2 minutes. No talking to the convenience store guy who fumbles your number and offers you to buy siomai. You also don’t have the creepy guy at the back listening to you dictate your number. Remember, this covers all major telco carriers including your internet sticks like Tattoo.

Uload Services
Any network, ULoad has you covered, it even has Facebook credits

Here’s how you can get into it: the company handling ULoad is offering franchising for these machines. You pay a franchise fee which last I checked was somewhere ranging from P10k to 50k per machine. The difference in cost is from the profit sharing plans. You pick a good location which they will approve (to make sure you’re not near any other machines), then you’re good to go. If you hit the jackpot and pick a really good location where a lot of people use it, then you can get your ROI (return on investment) in 6 months maybe. Everything after that is profit multiplied by depending on how many machines you want to franchise.

ULoad Trade show
The machine is small so you can put it outside your house, in your condo building, near schools, commute areas, restaurants, cafes or wherever you think people will use it.

According to statistics, people prefer talking to a machine over human interaction. You know how it is with Pinoys. The BEST part is that you sit at home and do absolutely nothing.. other than perhaps checking the status on how much money you’ve made already.

So on top of all major telephone carriers (Globe, Smart, Sun, Red, T&T), the machine also has load for online gaming (Level-up games, League of Legends, HoN). If you have some spare cash, then give it a go. TV5 also did a very good feature for it below.

What are you waiting for? Go have a look-see.

For NCR franchising: 02-8959935 loc. 103 / 113 / 105
For province franchising/dealership: 02-8959935 loc. 304
E-mail: mindmap.sales@gmail.com
To know where you can see these machines today go here
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