Want To Help Charity AND Get a TON of Free Games?

Here’s a win-win situation. You give money to charity, and also get games for free. There’s this website I discovered earlier in the year called Humble Bundle. Here, from time to time, will give you a bundle of digital goods, and you can get it all for the price of.. ready? ANYTHING YOU WANT.

That’s right folks. Anything you want. Let me show you an example: Right now, if you go to the site, they have the THQ bundle going on. If you donate at least $1, you get 6 games worth around $110. If you decide to donate more than the running average ($5.63 as of this writing), then you get even MORE stuff. For the current bundle, you get 2 more great games worth $55! That’s $165 all in for the price of $5.63. And I have to mention, one of the games is Saint’s Row 3 which is a REALLY super fun game and one of my personal top 5 games of 2011.

You can get Darksiders ($20), Metro 2033 ($20), Red Faction Armageddon ($20) and Company of Heroes + add-ons($50)
When I saw this site, the first thing I thought was, “what’s the catch”, right? Answer: There’s none. All the people who support this site are the actual developers of the games so you know it’s legit. They put their games up here because they want to help charity and they don’t lose anything except maybe some sales BUT remember, some of these games have already been out for a few months so they already got their sales numbers. Remember, they also don’t lose money since these are digital games. Meaning it doesn’t come in a box that you can put in your hands and smell, instead, you’re given a code for your choice of PC/Mac/Linux. Oh, and they usually also come with the soundtrack for free.

Some day I will have time to play all this
Everything’s digital so sometimes it also puts up other digital stuff like Android games, e-books and music.
You pick how the donation gets split

This site accepts several payment methods like Amazon, Paypal and Google Checkouts so as long as you (or someone at home) has a credit card, then you’re good to go. If you don’t have a card then you can use the Globe GCash Amex (Philippines only) to make that purchase.

Reference: www.humblebundle.com
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