Why Social Fixer Will Change The Way You Use Facebook and Why It’s Awesome

If you’re like me and a bazillion other people in the world, you log on to Facebook more than a few times everyday. I go there to get entertained, whether it’s a funny joke, a silly question, desperate calls for attention, funny pictures and cute dog pictures! Then there’s the annoying side of it: game invites, horoscopes, TMI (too much info) pictures or just rants. Whatever it is, it’s fun.

The beauty of all this is that it is all uncensored and pure information that is out there. But at the same time, it is also just a chunk of information. It’s easy to get lost or to miss important things or even get rid of things you’ve already read. This is where Social Fixer will change the way you view Facebook.

Will you get your Social Fix(er)?

Social Fixer is an add-on to your browser which will give you a slew of features that will allow you to CUSTOMIZE your Facebook experience. And I’m not talking about customizing by sorting by most recent or top stories; I’m not even talking about blocking apps. Those are features that are helpful but don’t do anything to customize your experience. I’m talking about real change!

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This add-on does a lot but I’ll talk about the features that I have found to be useful:

Anonymous screenshots – I’m not talking voyeurism here. You might have also already seen in screenshots above that all identifiable names are gone. They change it to “FB User”. This is especially useful if you want to use FB to screenshot stuff and don’t want to keep blurring out names. It’s not perfect, but it’s an elegant way of doing it. After you activate this, just refresh your browser and this mode goes away.

Extended screen – If you want to make the most out of your monitor’s real estate, then this feature gets rid of the blank spaces at the edges.

Tabbed browsing – This filters stuff into different tabs. Want all twitter messages filtered into a tab? Done! Filter all Farmville requests into another tab? Done! This ensures you get what you need at a glance

Marking items as read – Hate seeing those same posts over and over? Mark them as read and they will be gone forever!

Marking posts as read

Friend TrackerThis feature is interesting. You’ll be able to see who added you or, get this, unfriended you! I didn’t really care about this until I realized that there’s always some interesting activity going on here. As a consolation though, it sometimes tells you WHY you got unfriended. Whether the account is now inactive or deleted.

Instant Zoom – Hover your mouse over a picture and it zooms and shows you a zoomed in version of it. There is also a feature to disable FB’s annoying Theatre mode when you click on pictures.

If you’ve gotten this far then probably you’re interested enough to try it out. Head on to www.SocialFixer.com and install it on your favorite browser. It’s worth noting that IE is not supported (as if that was ever a doubt).

I had a really good time using this plugin. It still has some bugs here and there, but nothing that disrupts the user experience. Give this one a try. It will take you maybe 15 minutes to install and set it up (maybe 7 minutes if you're ok with default settings). There's still a ton of features that I have not yet tried. Comment below if there's something awesome that you discover.

Some other features I saw but did not use were:
Themes – I tried but could not get this to work. But it’s supposed to make your whole appearance look different.

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