I really liked watching the Transformers growing up. I had a bunch of toys as well to go with that and one of my favorites has always been Devastator. Now, I’m going to undertake a project that will hopefully add him to my collection of stuff I shouldn’t even be caring about anymore but still do. The above picture is side by side of my original Devastator (left) and the bootleg one (right).
Early December, I ran a giveaway contest for Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition for the PC. It just recently ended and a winner has now been chosen.

There’s a new trailer out for How to train your Dragon 2 and this one does it more justice than the first. This one teases a little bit more on what the story is going to focus on and finally has some semblance of a plot. This finally has be officially looking forward to watching more of Hiccup and Toothless’ adventures.
You know a trailer has done a good job when it gets you excited by showing 2 minutes worth of footage. This is what the upcoming 47 Ronin trailer just did. In that short period of time, I saw: sword fights, dual wielding pistols, fire balls, mega monsters, blades deflecting magic, Keanu and a whole lot of explosions. I could just keep watching this trailer and say this movie is awesome.
The GoG website is giving away 3 Fallout games for the PC for the low, low price of nothing. Zero. That means free. What’s the catch? No catch. As long as you can claim it while the offer still lasts.
This was the best thing I saw this morning. The cast of Modern Family going up against each other in a game of family feud. This series is one of my favorites in the past few years and is my go to show whenever I need a good laugh. This is them as themselves but still in character playing a game of Family Feud and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.
This month’s edition of The Alaric Sphere’s giveaway is none other than Batman Arkham Asylum from developer Rocksteady worth about $20. This is an excellent game and still one of my favorite Batman games of all time. Join the raffle below to get a chance to win this.
Announcing the winner of the Bastion giveaway. And the winner is:

Congratulations. Please check your email for instructions on how to claim the prize.

Stay tuned, the next giveaway will be Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY edition.
Valve has unleashed their Black Friday shenanigans. So make sure you guard your hearts, minds and wallets.

Want to know a little bit more about what this upcoming game to movie film is all about? What we knew before was that Aaron Paul was in it and it was all about fast cars and police chases. This new Need for Speed trailer reveals some more story elements.
Want to see space marine Jim Raynor from the Starcraft universe take on Mr. Diablo from his own diablo universe? How about the fallen angel Tyrael from diablo universe taking on the Zerg form of Sarah Kerrigan? Maybe death knight Arthas going up against a starcraft Ghost? Yes? Well Blizzard has you covered, with Heroes of the Storm.
I have had a bunch of stuff back when I was a kid, mostly related to gaming like game boxes, action figures, slip boxes, console boxes and so on. But out of all the above, there is one that just stands out and always puts a smile to my face each time I see it.
Want a free copy of Bastion for PC? For those who don’t know, Bastion is a really fun action RPG game where you play as a kid who fights away evil stuff. It’s the first game from indie developer Supergiant Games and it’s really good.
After months of waiting it’s finally here!!! The latest episode of Super power beatdown! This episode pits Scorpion from Mortal Kombat against The White Ranger from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. The guy in the middle is Aaron Shoenke who is the genius behind these super power beatdowns.

Here’s a really good deal. Batman Arkham Origins and Batman Arkham City were pretty good games and they’re now being given away along with some other games in exchange for a small charity donation via the Humble Bundle.


It’s always awesome when you see several big name celebrities come together for a project. We loved Oceans’ series, then Avengers, then This is the End. Sleeping dogs is another one of those all-star collaborations. And it’s awesome.
This is not a story spoiler and you just might appreciate it better by getting some background before going to watch Thor: The Dark World rather than going through the scenario I did of seeing people walk away in silence and not knowing what the heck just happened. If you are confident enough in your comic book lore then go ahead and watch it before reading, but if you at least want to get some context, then read on.
Back in 1980, there was an X-men storyline called Days of the Future past which tells the story of a horrible future. That future is 2013 and they’re coming up with a movie of the same title. This movie joins the cast of the original X-men cast and the First Class cast, has been in development for the longest time, and now the trailer is HERE!

Halloween is almost here and one of the fun things is watching other people dress up as their favorite characters. I have not been actively involved in any trick or treat event for the longest time since it has always been a work day. But for this year, I decided to take some time to dress up my Beagle so that he could join the trick or treat festivities. For this purpose I chose one of my favorite characters from the anime One Piece – Tony Tony Chopper!
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard about the whole Wikileaks thing wherein an organization or individual got ahold of a bunch of information that the US government was keeping under tight wraps. Then decided to post it for the whole world to see. Heard of it? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter, since they’re coming out with a movie so you can see the more “thriller” version of it.
People like looking at fast cars go. Successful movie franchises like Fast and the Furious is proof of this. The sad thing about that series though is that it has shifted from being about fast cars to now being about the people driving them. So here’s Need for Speed, a very successful video game franchise which I have had a lot of fun playing. THIS is all about fast cars. With Aaron Paul, the guy from Breaking Bad as the star.
Guys, I watched this and can totally relate. It’s a fairly simple but brilliant video… at least for the folks who get it. The perfect day.
Oh Japan. There have been countless insane videos of Japan pranks but I have to say that this one tops my list.
And it was super memorable for me. Not only did I get to see the NBA players from the tube, I got to see MY NBA team, the Indiana Pacers. I must have been smiling the entire time I was there because I felt my cheeks hurt after the event.
It’s official. Megaman is back. After Capcom obviously abandoned the blue bomber due to them losing belief and that it can no longer sell, series creator Kenji Inafune just couldn’t take it any more and left the company. He also went to Kickstarter with his ideas and basically rebranded it as Mighty No 9. I had said to myself a few months back that I wouldn’t put money into Kickstarters any more and just wait for the full game to come out before buying it. But I just love Megaman so much that I fell into the trap again.
Back in the 90s there was a bunch of Japanese anime (or cartoons as we used to call them) that hit the tube. Among them, one of my top favorites was always Daimos. So imagine my delight when I found this video.
Ever wanted to go to outer space? There’s more than a few folks I see online who talk about going up there should the chance present itself. Even the Axe brand talks about sending people to space. We’ve seen several movies show how space could be and all of it has to do with being in a Gravity-less environment with floating stuff. Armageddon did it, Apollo 13 also did something similar. Superman seems to not care about gravity. So here’s Gravity, a movie about being in space and doing Gravity-like shenanigans.
How many Facebook profiles are there? Want to know your unique Facebook ID or how many members were signed up by the time you joined? Well, now you can. There is a website called Faces of Facebook that is made by freelancer Natalia Rojas.
Mobile phones are all over the market now. It’s quite a challenge to pick one especially if you want a mix of a cool, affordable, relevant and useful phone. In no particular order. Well, you might not know it yet, but Xiaomi's MI3 is most probably one that will fill that void.
October is here and you know what that means: A new version of NBA 2K. Each year I have the same apprehension about buying the latest version. And each year I lose the internal battle to not buy it. I saw some preview builds of the new NBA 2K and it looks like there wasn’t much change from last year. Until I saw this.
Ever wanted to talk to your lovable furry friends? I know I always wanted to. How awesome would it be if you could actually understand what they’re communicating or to be able to tell them exactly what you wanted to say? Now a new tech has fixed all of those problems.
Platform: Android/iOS

Here’s a game that has a different take on the whole touchscreen thing. While most games h ave you play as a character in the game like the main hero in first or third person, Rescue Me – The adventures lets you play as a god with a whole race of beings inside it which you have to, surprise, rescue.

I’ve said it before, there’s no shortage of dumb, parody comedies out there. But there is a shortage of GOOD dumb, parody comedies. The ones like Scary movie from the Wayans are ok, but have quite lost their magic already. There was a reason why I was really stoked and excited for This is the End since it had a lot of my favorite comedy actors in it. And I walked into the theater with high hopes.
Past the rainbow bridge of Asgard, where the booming heavens roar, you behold in breathless wonder, the god of thunder, Mighty Thor. If that song doesn’t ring a bell then maybe this will help. Thor is back and ready to bash some more heads with his mighty hammer. His friends and foes are back to join him fight even more terrible folk.
There was recently a Sony Japan pre TGS (Tokyo Game show) Event that lasted for about 2 hours and the announcements that came out of there were just enough to get me excited. Nothing got me more excited than when they showed this ecosystem video.
Remember Robocop? Alex Murphy? OCP? Detroit Police? ED-209? Well, he’s back. Some guys apparently thought that this franchise still had some life and decided to revive it. This one’s a reboot of the previous series so it’s a reimagining of the entire universe. I wanted so bad to be excited for this when I heard about it last year. I just felt like we’ve progressed so much in terms of humanoid suits to the point that Robocop feels dated.
I like how this ad gives you a really good deal for Playstation Plus. It also makes things pretty clear by defining its terms. What I don’t like is how it assumes that you don’t know what a year is. In this case I’d rather them define what a month is since that’s the more variable one.
If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, have kids that are from that generation or have elder siblings from that time, then you know about Megaman or Rockman… well unless you’ve been living under a rock, you. The second worst news coming out from Capcom was that they were discontinuing or not showing any more love for the blue bomber (the first being their utter abandonment of Monster Hunter for Sony platforms). But here’s how you can help bring him back… or at least in spirit in the form of Mighty No.9.
I saw a trailer for this movie a few months back and I was immediately sold. IThe question I asked myself is what need this movie fills. There’s no shortage of dumb and funny movies out there but there is a shortage of GOOD dumb and funny movies. This fills that need and I could not be more excited to watch it.
De La Salle University and The Ateneo played a good game yesterday, September 1, with the Green Archers getting the W. It was an exciting match that was back and forth with a lot of good shooting and at the same time, sloppy plays at the fourth quarter. What struck me the most is how the last play that DLSU ran off the timeout shows you why they deserved the W. Let me show you the breakdown.
Phone pranks have always been funny and annoying depending on which side of the line you’re on. Ever since the days of Simpsons (when I still watched it) where Bart always pranked Moe’s tavern, there hasn’t really been any good phone prankers that is readily available for consumption. Well, that was until I came across this Youtube channel called Ownage Pranks. Now I always have an extra place to go when I need an upper.
Mousehunt is one of my favorite Facebook games and I’ve been playing it for quite a while now. It’s something that I just keep running in the background for the day. I set the trap in the morning and just let it run then see what mice I’ve caught. It’s more complicated that how I tell it, but it’s good.
I have just recently discovered this great team that does fantasy matches in live action! No story, no intro, no boring talking stuff, just the good stuff. Last time I talked about Wolverine facing off against the Predator, now it’s Gandalf going up against Darth Vader. Who wins?
The Conjuring has always been marketed as being super scary. What makes it have that scary feel is that it is largely based on true and real life events. There have been interviews with the real people whom these events are based off of and they always say that they only told it now because they felt that “the world wasn’t ready for it yet until now”. Well, strap on your seats, because we’re about to find out if the world is ready for The Conjuring.
In 2010, we saw one of the really good animated films in How to Train Your Dragon. I walked away from that movie really wanting to have my own dragon and how awesome it would have been to fly around with it. Well, Dreamworks is back with more Hiccup and Toothless Dragon action.

I saw a tip online that you can use regular household items to do awesome stuff, one of which was the ability to clean blurry or foggy headlights using regular toothpaste. This tip stood out since we have an old car that had just this problem. I saw that Honda offered their service to defog headlights for something like P1,000 or something which I never got to avail. So, with nothing to lose, I tried it.
Ready for another Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson team-up comedy movie? The duo is back in their latest misadventures in The Internship. This time trying to get a job at Google and trying to survive in the current digital world. So does this movie satisfy with laughs or bombs because of old and bland jokes?
The Internationals 3 just concluded last Monday and it was a nailbiter between 2011’s The International champions Na’Vi (Natus Vincere) and up and coming Team Alliance. Na’Vi went into the grand finals despite getting swept by Team Alliance earlier in the competition and dropping to the losers bracket. Team Alliance was red hot going 14-0 during the prelims and just smoking everyone during the Seattle tourney. Everything was on the line though in this best of 5 matchup to take home the $1.4 million prize money and the trophy, Aegis of the Immortal. The losers would have to contend with the $600,000 consolation prize. I will say that the winner really deserved the prize.
This is awesome. Dream matches always are. Usually we just see fights like this in a fan voting medium. If we’re lucky, there are cool comics that come out to tell the story. If there’s enough interest, then probably a video game. And if there’s even more buzz, a movie. They don’t always turn out well though *ahem* Aliens vs Predator *ahem*. But this Wolverine vs Predator video delivers.
Hey, it’s Robert de Niro and John Travolta together for the first time and it’s some movie about Killing Seasons. The tagline is that the ultimate form of war is one on one. You’ll find out why.
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