Ever Heard of 4K TVs? Could be the Next Big Thing?

Sony just came out with this 84 inch 4K TV and I just went to see it since I’m already in Singapore. I must say I’ve never sat inside a demo panel for that long. The picture quality was just great. I didn’t want to stop looking at it.

If you know your TVs, you’ve definitely heard about 1080p or 720p resolution modes. If you don’t know what these mean then to quickly put it, 1080p just means that there are 1,080 vertical lines being displayed on your screen at any given point in time. And higher resolution means better picture quality. This 4K TV means that it displays almost 4 thousand lines which is almost 4 times the amount of lines that 1080p TVs did!

The simplest way of explaining this is imagine drawing a circle using straight lines. The more lines you use the better the quality of the circle you can draw. It’s the same thing here. the more pixels, the better the picture quality.

It looks like Sony is moving away from the 3D TVs and focusing on this. The price tag is still outrageous for now so it’s only for early adopters. There’s still not much content to fully utilize this technology. So even if you buy this now, most probably you’ll still be playing 1080p content there.

Let’s hope there’s more 4k content coming.

My phone camera doesn't do much justice 
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