FTL: Faster Than Light Review

With the large amount of games coming out these days, it’s hard to pick which to play given the limited amount of free time that we have. I usually just give a game a quick look then I move on to the next.

Not this one though. I picked this up and I can’t stop playing.

FTL (Faster than Light) is a space simulation/resource management game created by Indie developer Subset games. You play the role of a galactic federation team who has to deliver some important message to the right people and you need to go through 8 sectors (levels) plus a final boss to claim success.

Can you perform Faster than Light

Each playthrough of FTL will probably take you anywhere between 30-90 minutes. You start out by picking a ship you want to use (as you play through the game, more and more ships are unlocked) then you are greeted by a top down view of your ship. The principle is simple, you have a very limited amount of resource (energy, personnel and cash) and you need to manage them properly to make sure you don’t die. For example, you are attacked by an enemy craft and you only have 2 crew members, where do you assign them in your ship? Do you assign one to man the ship and makes sure you are able to get a higher evasion for enemy fire? Or do you assign one to your weapons room so your blasters’ cooldown is shorter? Or do you assign one to your engine room so your space jump (escape) can be done sooner? Or do you assign one to your shields room to make sure your shields regenerate faster? Or do you teleport them to your enemy ship and just try to kill off your enemy crew instead of blowing up their ship?

This is just a very basic scenario in FTL. And that’s just the crew. Where do you assign your energy? Do you pump them into your weapons to try and kill off your enemy faster? Or do you channel them into shields for better defense? Or maybe engines for faster space jump. Then lastly your cash, do you spend them to buy more crew members? Buy better guns? Upgrade your ship for more energy? Better shields? I could keep going but you get the idea.

Things can go horribly wrong at a blink of an eye

The game is fair when handling the choices you make. It could pay off or you get completely screwed, either way, you never feel like you are being cheated. You accept the choices you make and just move on knowing better. What I talked about are just the basics. The game has a very good tutorial where it teaches you the fundamentals, the rest you learn as you go.

You’re the good guy (at least I think so) and you need to bring some information about an invasion to the right people who need to know. They don’t really take a lot of time building on the story, and they don’t need to. Hero trying to save the world is usually enough for me to move forward.

This game is good. If you like strategy games like XCom or Civilization then you should give this a try. Regular price is $10 but it is currently on sale in Steam for $5. Do yourself a favor and pick it up right now.

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