How to Train Your Dog Part 1

So you have a dog. Want to train him to do some tricks? I’ve done my share of training my dogs and so far they have been effective and from what I've learned, a trained dog is a happy dog. I'm not an expert so there may be things I don't know but let me show you how I’ve done it. This is based on things I’ve learned from books and other people. I also find that this is a very good bonding exercise.

Before you get started, here are some things you need to consider:
Age of your Dog
The age of your dog is very important. It is always best to start as early as 6 months. As your dog ages, it will be more difficult. You’ve heard about the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. It’s true. What age this is depends on the dog. Sometimes you can see if he tires quickly from the training.usually after 4 years it's difficult already.

Are you Alpha
Does your dog respect you? Are you its master? You need to make sure he knows who the boss is. Some people might treat their dogs like how they would treat a child, you shouldn’t. Dogs should not be learn to become independent, they should rely on you for everything. Everything good in their lives should be coming from you. They need to know that if they do something wrong you will discipline them for it. If they don’t respect you then forget about it. They won’t listen to you.


You need to decide what kind of incentive you’ll give to your dog during training. omething your dog really likes. I use little food bits so knows whenever he did something right. This has worked very well for me. You just need to figure out what food he likes best. But make sure the quantity is small. You don’t want to make him fat from the training.
Some people also use praise instead of food. How this works is they only pet their dogs a lot each time they do something right. This works because on normal occasion they don’t pet them so every time they This works because on normal occasion they don’t pet them so every time they get pet, they feel the special affection. 
Time of Training
If you’re using food as incentive, the best time is to do the training when they’re hungry since they’ll be more attentive. It’s also important for each training session to be around 30 minutes maximum per day. Dogs get tired easily from training so if you go oDogs get tired easily from training so if you go over that time, then you’re just wasting your time. 
Some dogs get it quickly while some don’t. Do not get frustrated and impatient with your dog if they don’t learn fast. You might send the wrong signal that training time is not a happy time because they will just get scolded. They sometimes also forget the trick if they just learned it recently, that’s perfectly normal, just invest a few days and keep repeating the commands a few times in a day. Don’t overdo it!

Make sure you have your dog’s full attention
If there are a lot of people who interact with your dog, you need to explain to them that they need to be consistent with the dog especially with the commands. Else he’ll only get more confused.
Hope that was helpful. In the next part I’ll talk about some basic tricks you can teach your dog.
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