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I just finished Battle Cats and it has been nothing short of a really entertaining experience (read about it here). As I have mentioned before, what really draws me in is the pure insanity.

One of the many insane things are the enemies. There is absolutely no coherence to where they get their ideas from, there are animals, small people, a floating head, list goes on. Each one has their own back story which makes the game much more interesting (at least for me) because you know what motivates each one of them. Maybe if angry birds had some sort of back story, then I would be more inclined to play it. And no, trying to get eggs back but at the same time using eggs to blow pigs up does not count as a back story.

Whoever complains that there is never anything to play on any device is out of their minds. There has never been more things to take up your time than now. So much that I wish I had more time to play all of them. I have come up with my list of stuff that takes up what little time I allocate for gaming. Hopefully you pick up 1 or 2 games that you can also enjoy on your own time. This is the mobile edition where I talk about games I play on the go.

Battle Cats (Platform: Android/iOS)
There is no lack of good things that I have to say about this game. It’s a 2d tower defense game that is really fun and crazy at the same time. There’s a concept of energy that you spend to play levels so you can’t just keep playing unless you either wait for it to recharge or give them money to refill it instantly. There is a “pay to win model but you don’t really need it to enjoy.
Battle Cats-Victory

Dota is a really addicting game. I wrote about it here before. If you want to get in on the fun, you can purchase it on Steam for $30 but lucky for you, I have 15 free codes to give away. Just create a Steam account then add me up: seraph973. I only have a limited number though. So offer good while supply lasts. 
Dota 2-Free-Steam codes

I tried to watch this several times without just losing my mind. I failed. What you’re watching are actually cars (white dots) moving at 60 MPH (approx 100 Kph)

Sony PS4 Press Conference
The Sony press conference just concluded and it was amazing. I had super low expectations because I was scared that it might suck. It was everything I wasn’t expecting but what I was hoping for. Yesterday I wrote about my wishlist.
Sony brought it. They showed a LOT of games. Some we already knew from before. But they also showed a lot of new stuff:
Future of Playstation-Logo
 In less than 24 hours (7 a.m. Manila time), Sony will be having hosting an event in new york to reveal something they have only termed as “The Future of Playstation”. All signs and speculations point to the next iteration in the Playstation family to being announced which has been codenamed Playstation Orbis. All these things that tech companies have in development have codenames but we all know it’s going to be called Playstation 4.

I could never understand why some developers region-lock their apps or games. You read about a great app then when you try to look for it, you get the dreaded “Game is not available for your country” message. They make you have to jump through so many hoops before you can finally get it in your phone. Console makers like Sony used to do this but they have long since made all of their games region-free. If you want to install these applications, read on. You need to have a Rooted Phone though so try to do that first.

Android-can't install in market

K-town is a reality show that I saw on Youtube when I had too much time on my hands browsing around. I’m not a big fan of TV reality shows so I wasn’t really planning on watching this. But I watched an episode and thought it was ok. Then watched another one. Then another one.

It’s about this group of friends who live in the US and who love to party. They’re mostly of Korean decent and there’s one Chinese and they go around town having fun drinking and for some reason, always end up fighting once they’re all drunk. During the day, they try to do stuff during like planning an event. They fight, then later make up, then fight again, then make up.

KTown-Group picture

Platforms: Android, iOS

Battle Cats is good… and I don’t even like cats. This is a 2D game from PONOS where you build units to beat the enemy who is also doing the same to you. If you look at the mechanics, it looks like any other of those build and destroy genre similar to Samurai vs Zombies. You earn cash over time, then you manage your resources and decide what units to build. What makes this game stand out is its craziness.

Battle Cats-In Game

Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a 5 on 5 PC game where you and 4 of your teammates each take control of a hero and try to destroy your opponent’s main building or “Ancient”. This game started out as just a custom map for Warcraft 3 and more and more people just kept playing it. It is now part of an e-sports community lineup where the recent winning team just took home a sweet $1,000,000 USD.


Today is Superbowl Sunday (well, monday here)where the Ravens just won the championship! 49ers made it a really good game against the Ravens after being down by as much as 22.

One of the best things about the Superbowl outside of the awesome game are the commercials! Here are the best ones I’ve seen so far:

Movie trailers:
Iron Man 3 – ok, the actual commercial was only a teaser, this is the longer version from their Facebook page

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