Excited for Sony’s Big Reveal which Could be the PS4

Future of Playstation-Logo
 In less than 24 hours (7 a.m. Manila time), Sony will be having hosting an event in new york to reveal something they have only termed as “The Future of Playstation”. All signs and speculations point to the next iteration in the Playstation family to being announced which has been codenamed Playstation Orbis. All these things that tech companies have in development have codenames but we all know it’s going to be called Playstation 4.

As a gaming enthusiast, I am very excited for this since this could be the start of the next generation in gaming. What could the announcement be? I’ve come up with my own wishlist of things to be announced:
  1. Games – The most important thing. Please just show me the games. Possibly some new titles. Show me something this new machine is capable of doing. Announcements from Sony’s first party studios and also from third parties.
  2. New functionality – There have been rumors on some new functionalities like a touch pad or next generation motion sensing. Something that changes the way I interact with my entertainment media.
  3. Name/Specs – Hopefully they just come out and say PS4. A lot of rumor has been going around on what the specs will be, and it has been pretty impressive. Hope they will just make it official
  4. Release Date and Price – Rumor is that this comes out this Christmas and will cost about $450. Low chance that they will reveal this as early as now. Most probably they will wait for Microsoft to say something about the new XBox before they play this card.
  5. Cross platform talk – Give me a way for my other media to talk to each other. Like using my laptop to organize my PS4 content, use my phone to view my friends list, use my Vita to stream PS4 games, some sort of cloud integration. There have been flashes of this brilliance on the PS3 but Sony just wasn’t able to fully capitalize on this.
  6. Gimmicks – I don’t know, maybe it being the ultimate media player (play other formats), stream my content to a different device, be able to make me coffee, I don’t know: something to get me excited.
I will admit that the previous generation (PS3) did not do as good as the PS2 did with a combination of bad marketing, questionable decision making and just bad luck in some regards (PSN being hacked). That’s not to say that there weren’t any good games. There were. I’m just hoping this will be a much better experience that before. Fingers crossed.
The event will be Feb 20th, 6 a.m. eastern time which is around 7 a.m. Manila time. There will be multiple sites that will stream this content. I’ll try to be up by 6 a.m to try and watch all the pre-conference events happening.
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