Meet the Enemies of Battle Cats (Part 1)

UPDATE: Part 2 here

I just finished Battle Cats and it has been nothing short of a really entertaining experience (read about it here). As I have mentioned before, what really draws me in is the pure insanity.

One of the many insane things are the enemies. There is absolutely no coherence to where they get their ideas from, there are animals, small people, a floating head, list goes on. Each one has their own back story which makes the game much more interesting (at least for me) because you know what motivates each one of them. Maybe if angry birds had some sort of back story, then I would be more inclined to play it. And no, trying to get eggs back but at the same time using eggs to blow pigs up does not count as a back story.

For all I know, developer PONOS could have just asked an intern to make all of these up over lunch but it totally sold me on the game. There are still some bonus levels that I need to play through before I can unlock all the profiles, but below is what I have so far.
Enjoy the insanity. I know I have. Or just stop reading and go install it already.
Battle-Cats-Enemies-Doggy Battle-Cats-Enemies-Snake Battle-Cats-Enemies-Stick Guys Battle-Cats-Enemies-Elizabitch Battle-Cats-Enemies-Hippo Battle-Cats-Enemies-Jackie Peng Battle-Cats-Enemies-Gorilla Battle-Cats-Enemies-Baa baa Battle-Cats-Enemies-Sir Baby Seal Battle-Cats-Enemies-Croco Battle-Cats-Enemies-Smart Rabbit Battle-Cats-Enemies-Elephant
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