The Games that I’m Playing (Mobile Edition)

Whoever complains that there is never anything to play on any device is out of their minds. There has never been more things to take up your time than now. So much that I wish I had more time to play all of them. I have come up with my list of stuff that takes up what little time I allocate for gaming. Hopefully you pick up 1 or 2 games that you can also enjoy on your own time. This is the mobile edition where I talk about games I play on the go.

Battle Cats (Platform: Android/iOS)
There is no lack of good things that I have to say about this game. It’s a 2d tower defense game that is really fun and crazy at the same time. There’s a concept of energy that you spend to play levels so you can’t just keep playing unless you either wait for it to recharge or give them money to refill it instantly. There is a “pay to win model but you don’t really need it to enjoy.
Battle Cats-Victory

Puzzle and Dragons (Platform: Android/iOS)
This is a bejeweled type of game that is mixed with RPG elements. Meaning you get creatures that you can raise and fight for you. I haven’t really had the chance to give this a lot of time but it has been pretty fun in the few hours that I’ve spent playing it. You do need to be online to play this. And you do need to follow this guide if you can’t see this app/game from the Play Store.
Puzzle and Dragons-Game level

Subway Surfers (Platform: Android/iOS)
This is a runner game similar to Temple run. Nothing special about the gameplay really. It’s just really addicting if you’re into beating your friends’ scores on the leaderboards. I’m currently 12th place and quickly losing interest.

Ecolibrium (Platform: PS Vita)
I would say this one is the most unorthodox and interesting among the bunch. It’s a nature simulator. You’re the supreme being (or that’s what I assume I am) and you plant trees, create animals and make sure that all the elements of nature are balanced. It’s more complex than it sounds. But I have been giving time to this and I’ve been enjoying so far. This also uses the “energy is time” mechanic where if your energy runs out, while building stuff, you need to wait a while before you can do other stuff again. There is also a social aspect where you can auction off rare species that you’re able to breed.
Ecolibrium-Game Screen-Vita Screenshot

Gravity Rush (Platform: PS Vita)
This is your standard action/adventure game where you take control of the lady hero who suddenly has the power to control gravity and is trying to, (surprise, surprise) save the world. This won’t win any awards for story, but the gameplay mechanics of being able to manipulate gravity has been pretty fun so far.
Gravity Rush-Splash-Poster

Megaman: Maverick Hunter X (Platform: PS Vita/PSP)
This game is a homage to one of my favorite and greatest games ever made in Megaman X. It’s a remake of sorts, but this time it has full motion videos (FMVs) and better graphics. Some of the locations of the secrets have also been moved around. This version also lets you play as Vile. I finished this game when it came out for the PSP a few years ago, but it’s being given away for free for Playstation Plus users so.. here we go again.
Megaman Maverick Hunter X-Megaman Megaman Maverick Hunter X-Game Screen Megaman Maverick Hunter X-Vile

Next time I’ll share the stuff I play on home consoles and PC.
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