Want to Install Android Apps from Different Regions?

I could never understand why some developers region-lock their apps or games. You read about a great app then when you try to look for it, you get the dreaded “Game is not available for your country” message. They make you have to jump through so many hoops before you can finally get it in your phone. Console makers like Sony used to do this but they have long since made all of their games region-free. If you want to install these applications, read on. You need to have a Rooted Phone though so try to do that first.

Android-can't install in market

I get so pissed off by this screen
Step 1: Install Market Enabler
This application changes your phone’s region. You need to have root access first though. Make sure you save your settings first, then pick a mobile network you want to emulate like T-mobile (USA) or Verizon (USA). Don’t worry, this will not mess up your phone, you can always revert back. Or if you forget, next time you restart your phone it will be back to normal. You can search for this on the internets.

Step 2: Install HideVPN
This app connects you to a free VPN so when you access the market, it thinks that you are connecting from the US.

That’s it. You’re done. When you launch your Android play store, it will ask you to accept the new terms and conditions (for US market) then you should be able to install the apps you want. After installing you can revert back to your normal settings but your installed apps stay with you.
Market Enabler-Install android different market
Save your settings first
Market Enabler-Install android different market
Then select a network to emulate
 Hide VPN-Install android different market
Then run HideMan (be sure to select US)
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