Watch and be Mesmerized by the Future

I tried to watch this several times without just losing my mind. I failed. What you’re watching are actually cars (white dots) moving at 60 MPH (approx 100 Kph)

This was a simulation made by scientists from a university in the US. They have created some automated driving algorithm that they could potentially put in cars so that these “smart cars” could drive themselves. See how fast traffic will flow if only everyone knew how to drive as one. In case you’re wondering, those yellow dots are the cars that are still driven by actual human beings and, as you can see, they look pretty lost and confused. I would be too if I see cars driving nonstop at 60Mph.. that’s about 100Kph.

Now try watching that video again and tell me you’re not amazed. I want to live in that world where traffic is like that! Imagine being able to drive nonstop at 100 Kph. That would get you where you need to go that much faster.

But on the other hand, that is one step closer to machines having self awareness and taking over the human race which would suck and be awesome all at the same time.

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