Swype is an alternate keyboard for mobile devices running Android and Nokia operating systems. how it works is you have your standard keyboard layout, then you “swype” your finger from letter to letter trying to form the word you’re typing. It is very similar to the stock Android keyboard that came with Jellybean 4.2, but with some key features like regular updates and others that are helpful especially for non-English markets.


Ever heard of this? You soon will when it comes out the next few months. Ouya (read as ooo-yah) is an Android based console designed to be placed in the living room. It is primarily to be used for playing games but you can also use it for other purposes like playing videos or watching movies. What’s different?
G1 Transformers-Constructicons-Devastator  

As a kid, I played with a lot of toys and watched a lot of cartoons (not that I don’t any more, but that’s besides the point). Now, if you were an 80’s kid then you have to have heard about the transformers. You HAD to have heard about it. Cars that turn into robots. Robots! Robots are awesome.

Walking Dead Dead Yourself-Splash Screen-Logo
There is no shortage of fun apps out there that enables you to turn a simple picture into something more interesting. There are make-me-fat(er) apps, make-me-old apps, turn-me-into-a-cartoon-apps, then there are zombify-me apps.
Draw Something 2-Logo-Splash Screen
Late 2011, 50 million people downloaded an app called Draw Something by OMGPOP. A simple game about doodling a random word, then sending it to one of your friends so that they can try to guess the word. The turn then passes to them and they do the same. What made it fun was 2 things, 1.) the silliness. I do not draw all the well, but the joy of knowing someone was able to guess it was great, 2.) it nailed the social aspects of being able to play with people you know by linking it to Facebook. I found myself spending at least an hour a day playing this game before. Then, after a few months, notably after Zynga bought them for a bazillion dollars, the user base dropped sharply to the point that no one was playing it any more. People just lost interest whether because the words to draw just became uninteresting, the ads suddenly became intrusive (having to draw a sponsored word was the worst), or the novelty of drawing just faded away.
Super Sync Sports-Main Screen-Splash-Google
Google always comes up with these very innovative and quirky stuff to shake things up within their scope of influence which is the PC/Mobile space. The latest they bring to the table is Super Sync Sports.  This is a game where you run on your PC using your Chrome browser. What makes it different is that up to 4 players can play the game by syncing their mobile devices whether the Androids (on at least 4.0 Jellybean), or your iPads (on at least 4.3), as long as it runs Chrome.
Battle Cats-Enemies-Final Stage
So I’m still playing Battle Cats (Review). So what? It’s a really fun game. It has huge replay value since I keep trying to get a gold medal on each round. Doing so unlocks certain abilities like faster money production, or faster cool down of unit production that will help you during the further levels.
Back in the late 80s, Stan Bush and Vince Di Cola gave the world two great songs. As an 8 year old kid, I was lucky enough to be able to listen to them. Back then I didn't really put too much thought into what the songs meant… what kid goes out and analyzes song lyrics right? It wasn't until recently that I realized how much these songs made an impact. A lot of the lyrics just became like a mantra to me which I used subconsciously growing up. For those who watched the original Transformers movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.
Plague Inc-Android-ios-Logo
Plague Inc. (for both Android/iOS) puts you in the role of an evil mastermind whose goal is to create a plague that will wipe humanity off the face of the earth. It’s very disturbingly satisfying to play. I play it every chance I get. So pick a spot where you can sit comfortably and prepare to kill the world.
Oz and Theodora-Oz the great and powerful
Oz the Great and Powerful is an origins story for the famous classic, Wizard of Oz.I was totally sold on this movie the moment I heard that Sam Raimi was directing it. I tried my best not to watch any of the trailers in hopes of being surprised. And I wasn’t disappointed.


Mandarin-Iron Man-First Appearance
The Mandarin has been Iron Man’s nemesis for as long as I can remember. He loses most of the time but he’s one of the most iconic enemies. Since I was a kid I’ve seen him in comics, arcade games, home consoles, cartoons and animated movies. It’s surprising that it took Marvel 2 movies to realize they had to finally bring him to the storyline which is why I’m pretty excited about this third movie. Almost enough to shadow the fact that Jon Favreau isn’t doing this third one.
One Piece Poster-Splash
One piece is an anime series that started around 1997. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a teenager who wants to become the greatest pirate ever. To be able to claim that title, he has to find the legendary treasure “One Piece” which is located in a hidden and very dangerous place called Grand Line.
Playstation Network Logo
Playstation fanboys out there. In case you didn’t already know about this, Playstation Plus is a premium service for owners of Playstation devices, specifically PS3 or PS Vita. And they have having a dual promo right now which you have a little under a week to take advantage.
There is a running promo where if you purchase the 1 year subscription ($49.99), it gives you 3 additional months for free (Promo expires March 4). Great right? Now there is another promo that is running where every $50 you spend for buying whatever in the PS store gets you a $10 rebate next month (Promo until April 1). So all you have to do is buy the subscription then buy something that’s worth at least 1 cent, just to make the whole $50, then you get your rebate. This is an incredibly crazy deal. You end up with a cost of less than $3 per month. Insane. For those based in the Philippines, you can
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