Devastator is One of the Awesomest Transformers

G1 Transformers-Constructicons-Devastator  

As a kid, I played with a lot of toys and watched a lot of cartoons (not that I don’t any more, but that’s besides the point). Now, if you were an 80’s kid then you have to have heard about the transformers. You HAD to have heard about it. Cars that turn into robots. Robots! Robots are awesome.

Among the roster of transformers, there were some that could merge together to form an even bigger transformer robot. Usually they were comprised of 5 robots (1 for body then 4 limbs). Then out of nowhere, this group of 6 construction vehicles called Constructicons were introduced and they merged into the powerful Devastator.As far as the toys were concerned, it was the greatest thing. I remember my mom having to go to different toy shops looking for each member of the Constructicons until I got the full set.

Transformers-G1-Devastator Toy
I still have my Devastator toy. But I lost one of the arms.

So why is Devastator awesome? Let me name the reasons:

  1. They are stronger than other combination transformers because there are 6 of them. Everyone knows that 6 > 5. So don’t argue.
  2. They can build stuff. They’re freaking construction vehicles. How does YOUR favorite transformer contribute to society?
  3. He’s in the Transformers movie! (The 1986 one with the Matrix of leadership). And we all know only awesome things make it from TV to Movies. And don’t even MENTION the Michael Bay devastator with the hanging balls to me. That was a disgrace. I got so excited watching the construction vehicles forming together only to let out a loud “WTF” when the final product came up.
  4. Their color is cool. I just bought a pair of shoes with the same color recently.

So as you can see, undisputedly, Devastator is one of the Awesomest Transformers!

Gen 1 Devastator is awesome!
Devastator-Transformers 2-Michael Bay
Michael Bay’s Devastator was not awesome
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