Get to Know the Mandarin from Iron Man 3

Mandarin-Iron Man-First Appearance
The Mandarin has been Iron Man’s nemesis for as long as I can remember. He loses most of the time but he’s one of the most iconic enemies. Since I was a kid I’ve seen him in comics, arcade games, home consoles, cartoons and animated movies. It’s surprising that it took Marvel 2 movies to realize they had to finally bring him to the storyline which is why I’m pretty excited about this third movie. Almost enough to shadow the fact that Jon Favreau isn’t doing this third one.

The Mandarin has his origins from China in the early 1920s. He was born to a rich family but because of the corrupt government, eventually loses everything. He escapes and vows revenge. He comes across this ancient alien technology and he secretly worked on mastering the craft. Probably the most noticeable feature that he has would be the “Ten Rings of Power” that he possesses. Each ring has its own special ability and I’m not talking freaking Captain Planet rings that shoot out heart juices, these are powers that almost beat Iron Man on several occasions already. There’s one that slows down time, and another that hits you at a psychological level. He’s also a very skilled scientist and martial artist so this isn’t your pushover guy who just becomes a pansy without his rings.
Mandarin-Iron Man-Ten Rings of Power

His main motivations are to get back at the government or system that caused him to lose everything, then rule the world with “wisdom and harmony”. It hasn’t been going according to plan so far, but he’s getting there.
Now I don’t know how they are going to portray him in the upcoming movie, but so far I am liking the trailers that are coming out. It at least shows his smart and devious side without showing too much of what the rings do yet. Let’s hope that the character remains faithful to his comic book origins.
Iron Man 3 comes out in theatres April 25 24 if the trailers are to be believed.
Below was my First encounter with The Mandarin as a kid

Iron Man 3 Latest Theatrical Trailer
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