Meet the Enemies of Battle Cats (Part 2)

Battle Cats-Enemies-Final Stage
So I’m still playing Battle Cats (Review). So what? It’s a really fun game. It has huge replay value since I keep trying to get a gold medal on each round. Doing so unlocks certain abilities like faster money production, or faster cool down of unit production that will help you during the further levels.

But what I really love about this game are the enemies. I wrote about the first batch of enemies that you encounter early on in the game. This post shares the final batch of enemies. What I can say is that it keeps on getting crazier. I’ve never had so much fun reading on backstories and character motivations. My favorite has to be the Kangaroo. Cracks me up each time I read it.
Don’t let the quirky back stories fool you though, they are tough as nails especially the last ones. The silliness doesn’t get in the way of the game play as well, this is a really good game. I would have liked it if they gave a better explanation of how they give you the medals because right now it’s too random.
Please make another one of these PONOS. More people should play this game.
Battle Cats-Enemies-Squirrel Battle Cats-Enemies-Smart Rabbit Battle Cats-Enemies-Kangaroo Battle Cats-Enemies-Rhinoceros Battle Cats-Enemies-Moth Battle Cats-Enemies-Signboard Girl Battle Cats-Enemies-Teacher Bear Battle Cats-Enemies-Big Face Battle Cats-Enemies-Assassin Bear Battle Cats-Enemies-Bun Bun Teacher
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