Ready to Draw Something Again?

Draw Something 2-Logo-Splash Screen
Late 2011, 50 million people downloaded an app called Draw Something by OMGPOP. A simple game about doodling a random word, then sending it to one of your friends so that they can try to guess the word. The turn then passes to them and they do the same. What made it fun was 2 things, 1.) the silliness. I do not draw all the well, but the joy of knowing someone was able to guess it was great, 2.) it nailed the social aspects of being able to play with people you know by linking it to Facebook. I found myself spending at least an hour a day playing this game before. Then, after a few months, notably after Zynga bought them for a bazillion dollars, the user base dropped sharply to the point that no one was playing it any more. People just lost interest whether because the words to draw just became uninteresting, the ads suddenly became intrusive (having to draw a sponsored word was the worst), or the novelty of drawing just faded away.

Draw Something 2-American Idol-Gameplay
This is what the new interface looks like. Looks like they added canned effects like stars and fire effects.
Now helmed by Zynga, they’re trying to bring the magic back with Draw Something 2. The question is: “Are people ready to go back to it?”. I’m thinking a lot of people may install it and have a quick look so it’s absolutely important for Zyngo to win back their users with a great experience on the onset. Me, I personally had a lot of fun before so I’m interested in seeing how they raise the bar on this. I just hope they don’t make it too complicated to like operating a photoshop window. While this might entice artists, I do not have the patience for this.

There’s no release date that they’re sharing yet, but I assume it will be in the next few weeks.

My Draw Something moments (I always like adding a superhero to my drawings):
Draw Something-Dentures-Flash      Draw Something-IronMan-Cigar Draw Something-Jenga-Flash-Batman     Draw Something-Mushroom
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