So I’m Trying to Watch this One Piece thing

One Piece Poster-Splash
One piece is an anime series that started around 1997. It follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a teenager who wants to become the greatest pirate ever. To be able to claim that title, he has to find the legendary treasure “One Piece” which is located in a hidden and very dangerous place called Grand Line.

What makes him stand out is that he ate something called a devil fruit where if you do find one and eat it, you get a special power. The one that Luffy ate made him a rubber man so he can stretch himself in a way like Mr. Fantastic can from the Fantastic four.
I’ve heard about this show for the longest time and I didn’t want to get into it because it’s already at 500 something episodes to date which will be quite a challenge to catch up to. But what really tipped the scales was during my last trip to Hong Kong. This thing was everywhere. Toys, posters, shirts, comic books… everything. I really wanted to have a reason to get excited but couldn’t since I didn’t know what the heck this was all about.
I’m only 30 episodes in and he’s just starting to recruit his crew. Looks good so far, pacing is a bit slow since it’s all back story but the characters are interesting so I’m still on board.
Below are pictures I took when I was at Toys R Us.
One Piece Toys-Bad guys One Piece Toys-Good guys
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