I was having a good day today. Then this new Pacific Rim trailer shows up to make it even more awesome. This one has even more monster-punching, robot-smashing, GLaDOS-talking, apocalypse-cancelling action.  So here’s the trailer.
There is a complete lack of typing games out there. There used to be a lot that I played as a kid like Typing tutor or Typing of the Dead. Well, the guys from Mojang heard us and have come up with a simple typing game that has driven me nuts. Can you handle it?
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Looking for a great place to have a nice meal? Maybe you have a small party where you want to host? Or maybe you want to cook for your friends but don’t have a kitchen big enough? Look no further. Hidden inside the streets of Makati, there is a little restaurant that serves a mix of Asian and European-influenced food which you will want to try. I had the chance to sink my teeth into it and I was not disappointed.
With the industry shifting to mobile, there have been a lot of games that have been made and designed to be played on the go. Here are the ones that I bring with me when I’m not at home… or sometimes I also play when I’m at home.
I like going out and buying or trying random stuff especially if it’s food that looks good. Here are the new stuff I tried out in the last few weeks.
First up are the Cookie Butter donuts from Gonuts Donuts. I think these are new on their menu and they’re quite good. A bit on the sweet side, but still very satisfying. There are fewer branches now, but SM Makati still has one.
Dogs are adorable creatures. They keep us company and I never feel the time pass by if I’m hanging out with them. One important aspect of owning or interacting with dogs is to be able to read them if they’re trying to communicate with you. Misreading their tells could be a huge mistake especially if they are trying to tell you something important, or maybe when interacting with a dog you do not own. So how to tell what they’re saying?
The next generation of consoles are almost here. Sony has already made the first move by revealing details for the new Playstation (PS4). We already knew that the new machines will be more powerful in terms of horsepower, but Sony revealed something quite new for this generation, which is their controller. What makes it different?
I’ve been using the Playstation Network ever since I got my PS3. It started out rather slow compared to the competition since it had a really slim lineup as well as poor performance. I remember always looking a the other side in envy. But all that is in the past.

Iron Man 3 is already in theatres and I’ll get my chance to watch it later tonight. It’s going to be hard to watch the Mandarin’s 10 rings be represented as just an organization instead of actual rings, but here’s hoping that it’ll be just as good.
Looking for a different game experience? Papers Please (for PC/Mac) will help to fill in that gap. This is nothing like the normal games that I play on a regular basis so I found it quite interesting. Is it for you? Read on.
People are excited for Iron Man 3. The trailers look good and it’s almost here. Of course as with any product, merchandise also follows. LEGO did a really good job of thinking of how to cross promote both the movie and the toys.
The big difference between male and female restrooms is that men have urinals. Guys don’t need to sit down when and that’s probably why our visits take considerably less time. Urinals allow men the freedom to quickly move in and out of relieving ourselves. What most people don’t know is that there is an unspoken bathroom etiquette that absolutely must be followed. If you don’t know these rules, then read on.
One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to my finances is buying stuff I don’t really need especially when there is a sale. This creates a problem when trying to save money. This has been evident over some of my previous posts like this one. It took me a while to admit I had to fix something but I was eventually able to do so with just a few points.
Today, Sony promised us the Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) demo on Tuesday, April 18. Then they didn’t give it to us. I have been eagerly anticipating this game for the longest time and apparently, so were a heck load of other people. As of writing, there are 30 pages worth of angry comments on the Playstation blog waiting for the demo. Not to waste any time, I found some very entertaining comments.
Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) is a game similar to Monster hunter that I have been eagerly anticipating since it was announced last year. No, I wasn’t going to write about cult sacrifices in real life. The game was created by the brilliant Kenji Inafune (the father of Mega Man) so you can’t go wrong with this.
I just finished playing Spec Ops: The Line (PC, PS3, XB) and I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it. I’ve played a lot of games over the years and what I’ve noticed is that the bar for storytelling keeps on getting higher. So what makes this game different?
Update: Battle Cats 2 wishlist

Battle Cats (Android/iOS) is not an easy game. It’s fun. But it’s not easy. After you finish the first 48 levels, there’s a new game+ and a new game ++ after that. Each set of levels increases in difficulty as well as the cost of your units. In case you’re having trouble with it, this guide will give you some tips to help you get you through.
I chanced upon this trailer while watching Wrestlemania the other day and it looks like another movie I want to watch. The trailer is filled with all sorts of crazy and awesome which, for some reason, hits all the right spots.
Platform (Android, iOS, PC); Cost: Free for mobile versions

Here’s a game that will take up those 3-5 minutes idle time while waiting in line or the lift. By the time I heard about this game on Kickstarter, it had already ended and I’m glad that it was successful. So what’s so nice about this game?
I created a Pinterest account out of interest since I saw a lot of buzz surrounding that site. It being similar to a facebook or instagram in that it has a newsfeed, but the difference is in the way the data is presented. Then this Manteresting thing comes along. I did a comparison.
Evil Dead-Scared-Poster

I’ve always been a fan of the Evil Dead Series. Largely because of protagonist Bruce Campbell as well as director Sam Raimi. I have been starved for a new one since the early 90s (the last one was Evil Dead 3 or more widely known as Army of Darkness), but now I’m so glad they made another. Best part is that the masters of Evil Dead are all back to help produce the movie. So what is this all about?

There are no shortage of humans versus alien movies. A huge chunk of that always depicts us winning. But they never really tell you what happens after we win. Oblivion takes a stab at what that may be like.
Gunnar glasses-Amber-Onyx-boxed
My lifestyle requires me to be in front of a digital screen for more than 8 hours in a day whether it be a monitor, laptop or TV. I'm used to this type of eye punishment being a gamer growing up so even though I get a little eye strain, it doesn't really bother me. Then I heard about these Gunnar glasses.
Girl Gamer-Screaming girl

UPDATE: this was an old post from 2008 that I went back to and it seems that it is still applicable.

I got this off of Quickjump Quicklist. Most people i know fall under the casual gamer, but there are a few hardcore and passionate ones i know as well.

It's true: female gamers do exist (the shock!). Just like male gamers who come in different shapes, sizes and flavors, we can come up with a diverse list of girl gamer types. No, Frag Dolls and 6-year-olds fascinated by the Wii don't count. South Korean StarCraft fangirls were tempting to add, but we decided to cut them from the list since we can't tell if they actually play games or just read magazines to drool over the pros.
Pacific Rim-Jaeger-Robot-Japan-Coyote-Tango
I’m not going to hide my excitement for Pacific Rim (here and here). Robots fighting dinosaurs. They could just make the whole movie about robots chasing dinosaurs and smashing stuff without any story and it still would be awesome. This morning, what I saw blew my mind.
Google Nose-Logo
Technology is awesome. We’ve had computers stimulate our eyes by showing us things we would never see anywhere else. Using computers, we can also listen to music or sounds even if they have happened in the past or anywhere else in the world. One of the senses that a computer doesn’t allow us to use is the sense of smell. Until now, thanks to Google.
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