Gunnar Glasses Are Great for Reducing Eye Strain

Gunnar glasses-Amber-Onyx-boxed
My lifestyle requires me to be in front of a digital screen for more than 8 hours in a day whether it be a monitor, laptop or TV. I'm used to this type of eye punishment being a gamer growing up so even though I get a little eye strain, it doesn't really bother me. Then I heard about these Gunnar glasses.

I don’t wear glasses and am lucky enough to still have 20/20 vision. so when I initially saw these being worn by some pro players during EVO (which is a huge fighting game tournament), it made me curious as to what it was all about.
Looking at the way it was being marketed during my research as "enhanced eyewear", I was a bit hesitant and thought that it was just a sales gimmick. So I had dismissed these Gunnar glasses in my head… until one time when I actually tried them on. Sold.
The first thing you'll notice is that the lenses are tinted (mine are amber… I would have said yellow but the box says amber). The magic is that they block out the high intensity blue light emitted by displays like TV, monitors and laptops. When you put them on, you will immediately notice 2 things: first is that, obviously, the colors change, the whites and intense colors are somewhat moderated so the eyes don't get tired easily; second is that the quality of the picture increases. As a result, photo details are noticeably clearer and text is easier to read.
Gunnar glasses-Amber-Onyx-Isometric view
Now I stressed tested these things for almost a month and here are my thoughts:
  • Works as advertised, my eyes don’t get tired after long hours of use
  • Stuff looks clearer
  • I can turn off all the lights while using my laptop and it doesn’t hurt my eyes
  • Doesn’t look or feel geeky to wear these
  • Colors are sometimes distorted. I don’t mind most of the time, but don’t use these glasses if you need to do things with colors

  • I’m not used to bringing glasses
  • These Gunnar glasses are also priced fairly. Normally they are ranged from Php3-5k (I got mine for Php3k). I initially thought this was expensive but when I tried to go to an optical store the same thing went for at least Php6k.
    Now I'm able to enjoy intense work, gaming or my One Piece marathons without having to worry about breaking my eyes. You can go to their site to look at other styles. I will definitely recommend these Gunnar glasses to other folks. And by the way, they only have glasses without any grade being sold here in the Philippines. For the ones with grade you need to order from their website.
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