How to Overcome Getting Tricked When there is a Sale

One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to my finances is buying stuff I don’t really need especially when there is a sale. This creates a problem when trying to save money. This has been evident over some of my previous posts like this one. It took me a while to admit I had to fix something but I was eventually able to do so with just a few points.
So why does it feel good when we buy from any sale? Merchants have gotten smarter over the years by showing you how much you actually save money by buying. A shirt worth P1,000 could be acquired for just P500. There are also times where they put a constraint on the sale, either a time limit where it ends after a certain period of time or a quantity constraint where there is only a limited number available. These are evil strategies that prey on the weak minded like the past me.
People feel like they were able to take advantage and get it for less then, more often than not, end up with things they don’t really need.
So I did my homework and looked into some behaviors that people have and came up with a very simple solution to save money yourself. Just ask yourself the following:
  • If it wasn’t on sale, would you still buy it?
  • Is the base price really worth it? Or did they just overprice it to make the sale price look attractive?
  • If the sale price was the base price, would I still buy it?
  • If I come back tomorrow, will I still be inclined or excited to buy it?
  • When/How will I use it after I buy? Put yourself in scenarios where you’ll use it.
There. Those simple questions have saved me more than a few bucks in the last few months since I have self-imposed it on myself. End of day it depends on how strong-willed you are. It’s hard at first, but eventually you get the hang of it.
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