People’s Reactions to Soul Sacrifice Demo Wait

Today, Sony promised us the Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita) demo on Tuesday, April 18. Then they didn’t give it to us. I have been eagerly anticipating this game for the longest time and apparently, so were a heck load of other people. As of writing, there are 30 pages worth of angry comments on the Playstation blog waiting for the demo. Not to waste any time, I found some very entertaining comments.

We have the angry people:
“GAHHH! This is bullspit! I’m tired of Sony depriving me of my entitled-consumerist pleasures! I want my free crap and I want it NOW! No, but on the real-real, don’t say you’re releasing something on a given day and then fail to release it. Poor form. A bit North Korean if you ask me.”

Then we have the optimists:
“They did this so that we can communicate with each other and make new buddies online. Bringing us all together and one step further to world piece!”

“HUZZAH! This waiting game is the best demo I have played in years. Right guys….ha ha….RIGHT? So much fun. :(“

Folks who try to lighten the mood:
“why did the chicken cross the road? because he was promised a soul sacrifice demo & now since he realized his “crossing the road” journey was pointless he decided to kill himself. Look what you did Sony…Look what you did

“Sony: “Knock! Knock!”
PSN user: “Who’s there?”
Sony: “No!”
PSN user: “No…who?”
Sony: “No Soul Sacrifice for you, that’s who!”
PSN user: …. :’(“

“i’m going to suicide if they don’t upload it today… Bye friends, bye everyone, bye Vita, **** you Sony, love you Inafune, ….”

“Sony “sacrificed” itself for the good of the community! Making himself look like the bad guy, but actually saving us all! Long Live Sony!”


And men of few words:
Soul Sacrifice – Troll of the Month.”

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